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healthCAR Vehicle Protection

Expand Your Borrowers' Vehicle Protection Options with healthCAR

Many financial institutions offer major mechanical protection (MMP) or vehicle service protection to borrowers at the time of auto loan origination. However, have you ever considered a program where any account holder can purchase a plan regardless of the mileage on their vehicle, whether they recently paid-off their loan, or even if their loan is at another institution?

With healthCAR, you can offer your account holders a way to protect their vehicle that’s affordable, simple, and helps to generate non-interest income for your institution.

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From online enrollment to claims, healthCAR is delivered 100% digitally

Offer your account holders an affordable way to keep their vehicles on the road longer. 

Account Holder Benefits

Plans start at $53/month and your account holders can complete the enrollment process 100% online. Plan owners have access to a mobile app to initiate claims or roadside assistance. If they experience a breakdown, the plan owner is only responsible for a $100 deductible on covered repairs.

Financial Institution Benefits

healthCAR allows you to increase the audience pool for vehicle protection. Generate non-interest income, even from account holders who have loans with other institutions. Monthly plan price includes revenue share for your financial institution. Enjoy a low maintenance program after initial setup.

Fully Electric Vehicles

While Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) are covered within the existing plans, healthCAR has a specific coverage option for Fully Electric Vehicles (FEVs) that are 100% battery powered (some exclusions apply). Similar to our gas-powered vehicle program, repair coverage is determined based on mileage at the time of the vehicle’s breakdown. Coverage owners can purchase optional battery protection during enrollment and all the ancillary benefits remain applicable to FEV owners.

Vehicle Protection

The coverage level is based on the vehicle’s mileage at time of breakdown. Your account holders can protect vehicles up to 20 years old with no mileage limitations! Coverage begins 30 days and 1,000 miles from date of purchase.

Ancillary Benefits

Roadside assistance available to plan owner and any dependents driving or driven by another person – regardless of the vehicle!

Alternative transportation available only to plan owner via rideshare (Uber, Lyft, etc.) or through a rental car service.

Ready to speak with one of our representatives to learn more about activating healthCAR at your financial institution? Click below and complete the form to start today!

Account Holder-Facing Marketing Materials

SWBC has developed a marketing kit that’s available to financial institutions to help communicate the benefits and features of healthCAR to account holders.

We’ve included everything from an eblast, digital banners for your website, newsletter and web content, statement stuffers, and graphics for your social media channels. All pre-designed and ready for you to deploy to drive awareness to your institution’s healthCAR program.

Go beyond traditional MMP and Offer healthCAR to These Key Audiences

Indirect borrowers

Recently paid-off loans

Account holders with driving-age dependents

Younger account holders

Account holders with an auto loan at another institution

Owners of older vehicles

Account holders with a recently expired MMP product

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