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Since our very first client back in 1976, SWBC has focused a large portion of its business on serving the needs of financial institutions and mortgage servicers around the country. Over the years, we have diversified our product and program offerings. Today, SWBC is recognized as a tenured financial services provider that solves challenges institutions face today and into the future.

Nearly 1400 financial institutions entrust SWBC for their collections, insurance, payments processing, insurance tracking, property valuation, settlement services, and asset recovery needs.

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SWBC Total Solution

SWBC Provides The Total Solution

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The Challenge

Many financial institutions rely on many different vendor partners to provide services to their account holders. This results in a frustrated and overworked vendor management team. Plus, the added confusion of figuring out who’s the best person to contact when there’s an issue or questions about a product or service line. On top of all of this, if your institution isn’t utilizing integrations for these products and services, your employees are more than likely spending parts of their work day bouncing between systems and applications to tackle everyday tasks.

The Total Solution

Consolidate multiple services from multiple vendors with one, strategic financial services provider—SWBC. By combining risk management, payments, and income generation products and services with SWBC, you solve many of the challenges that give you and your team heartburn. Your vendor management team now only has one partner to manage, you have a stellar account service team dedicated to your financial institution who can ensure the products experts are available when needed. And, your employees are using our exclusive AutoPilot™ Portal to manage multiple products and services. SWBC is your Total Solution.


With our comprehensive solution, your financial institution can feel confident knowing that our team can help guide your team to ensure services across the three critical areas work in concert with one another.

Download the Total Solution brochure to learn more!

How will the SWBC Total Solution Benefit Your Institution?

Our Total Solution approach allows your financial institution to streamline and simplify vendor management and move toward a unified platform to regain workplace efficiency.

With SWBC, you have one partner responsible for each product or platform your employees use. This means vetting only one company for security and compliance. And, it’ll reduce the time your employees spend toggling between vendor platforms for CPI, Collections, Payments, GAP, and MMP. The fewer vendors, the less room for error!

According to industry experts, 89 vendors access the average company’s network each week.1 Having fewer vendors to manage means your credit union is less susceptible to the growing threat of supply chain hacks.


If your institution works with 10 different vendors who supply the various applications, tools, training, and platforms across multiple product lines that your employees need to complete their daily tasks, and you meet with each vendor once quarterly for an hour, that’s 40 meetings a year—an entire workweek spent on vendor meetings!

Decades of Risk Management, Payments, and Income Generation expertise combined with your goals and our business process automation, marketing tools, technology investments and sales training, culminate into a cohesive and comprehensive enterprise-wide strategy for your credit union.

Our goal is to make it easier for members to do business with you. From reducing member noise during insurance verification using automation, to giving members opportunities to self-serve through digital channels across Collections, Payments, and MMP programs, we leverage our deep investments in technology to improve member experiences.


Working with financial institutions for more than 45+ years provides us with some competitive advantages that our clients benefit from as added value to our relationships. And because we listen to our clients’ needs, we know some of the challenges you face.

Lending Program Confidence

We offer products and services to make your institution’s auto and mortgage lending program stand out from the crowd.

Engage and Generate Non-Interest Income

We can help your institution deepen your relationship with your borrowers while helping to protect their assets and offer convenience–while generating non-interest income.

Creating Operational Efficiencies

The Financial Institution Group can help you manage your people and processes–leading to lower overhead and leaner operations.

Manage Risk and Compliance

Reduce your risk with products and services that help financial institutions manage loan portfolio risk and meet or exceed compliance regulations.

Find out how we can benefit your institution.

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+62 Net Promoter Score

Our score is +62, which is the net percentage of promoters.1

SWBC Financial Institution Group ranked higher than industry benchmarks.

+33 for general B2B2

+20 for Insurance

+42 for SaaS

+35 for Financial Services3

What is a good net promoter score?


1. Survey conducted in April 2021 to SWBC clients across all product lines. 2. Responded 9 or 10 when asked how likely they would be to refer a friend or colleague to SWBC vs. detractors: responded with below a 7; neutral responses (7 or 8) are not considered. 3. From B2B International (Merkle company). 4. Various sources, including Delighted, Clearly, and Hubspot.

SWBC Products and Services

Asset Recovery

Auto Deductible Reimbursement (ADR)

CPI – Traditional/Hybrid

Collections – Early, Mid, Late Stage Strategies

Credit Life, Disability & Involuntary Unemployment Insurance

Debt Cancellation Protection

GAP with PowerBuy®/Buyer’s Edge/Advantage

Lender-Placed Insurance

Major Mechanical Protection (MMP)

Payments Acceptance

Leading withTECHNOLOGY

Throughout all of our products and services, we embed the latest and greatest technologies to help create efficiencies for your institution. The technology results in leading self-service channels for your customers. Our goal is to pass along digital channels that make your customers’ lives easier, establishing a positive user experience.

AutoPilot Platform

The AutoPilot Platform is a secure, streamlined portal that allows your institution to efficiently manage your auto and mortgage loan portfolios. The mobile-optimized platform will give your staff access to manage collections, payments, insurance tracking and placement, and asset recovery activity in one unified dashboard.

Learn more about our AutoPilot Risk Management Platform

Bacon Loan Pay

Bacon Loan Pay is our premier, borrower-facing portal that financial institutions can plug in to their existing website to give their borrowers the ability to make ACH and card-based loan payments online. It is white-labeled, user-friendly, and secure.


LOS Express UNITY® is a web-based platform that helps loan officers streamline their lending and cross-selling efforts to better serve borrowers. UNITY combines all loan and product information on one screen for ease of use and integrates with SWBC’s insurance programs and other loan origination systems.

The website is a customer-facing, mobile-optimized site that is available through our insurance-tracking solution. It delivers self-service convenience to financial institution borrowers that need to update their insurance information.


LendOne is a new and innovative platform that bundles valuation services, inspection services, flood determinations, title services, and verification services to streamline your lending process. LendOne enhances your team’s communication and reporting tools through a web-based interface with a user-friendly and intuitive integrated system and helps your staff manage transactions in one central place.

SWBC is a recognized strategic partner for the following organizations:

What We Offer

Client Testimonials

Total Solution

"By partnering with SWBC, we get state-of-the-art technology, additional people who are highly trained and know what they're doing, we keep our delinquency very low, therefore our charge-offs are low and it makes the organization run better. They come into our operation and help us to improve." Click here to to view the full testimonial!
Kevin Ryan


"MMP has made a big difference for our credit union income-wise, and the staff benefits from rewards of points for them personally, as well as incentives for sales within the credit union.”
Pam Vega
CEO, LOCO Credit Union


“AutoPilot Payments has allowed us to better service our members through the multi-channel use of our website, digital channels, and contact centers.”
Kristi Kentworthy
AVP of Ecommerce, US Alliance Financial


“We have been extremely happy with the suite of SWBC products, including AutoPilot. Both SWBC and FAIRWINDS management share the same desire for improved efficiencies, reduced expenses, and increased revenue. This partnership is second to none.”
Steve Plotkin
VP of Collections, FAIRWINDS CU

Hybrid CPI

“Having a program that will automatically pick up on the drop of the policy, starts notifying right away, and starts covering the credit union right away—those are things that allow me to sleep better at night.”
Arick Williams
VP of Lending, Columbine FCU

FIG Webinars

No time to watch a full webinar? No problem. Our snippet library allows you to select the subcategories from within our full webinars that peak your interest. From our quarterly economic forecasts to the benefits of Buy Now, Pay Later for Debit Card Purchases and everything in between, learn what you need to know in a few minutes. Plus you can always access the full webinars. 

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