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Life Insurance Company

With SWBC Life Insurance Company, financial institutions are able to provide their consumers a comprehensive payment protection program. As a regulated insurance company, rated A- by A.M. Best Company, SWBC Life Insurance Company specializes in manufacturing credit life and credit disability insurance programs to lending institutions and auto dealerships. SWBC Life also reinsures multiple types of insurance products and offers individual protection products to consumers.


Serving small regional financial institutions to some of the largest credit unions in the country, our payment protection programs are customized and tailored to meet the needs of lenders and their borrowers.

A payment protection program can increase non-interest income for your financial institution and significantly diminishes future loan write-offs.

SWBC Life Insurance Company has its own dedicated claims team that will help assist each client. Both examiners and processors work together to foster tremendous working relationships. In addition to claims, SWBC trainers incorporate all point-of-sale products into their training, creating tremendous efficiencies for our clients.

Payment protection programs help to minimize your financial institution’s default risk.

SWBC Life Insurance Company offers a comprehensive assortment of affinity insurance offerings. These products allow financial institutions to offer individual products, at affinity pricing, to their consumers. In addition to building loyalty with consumers through these beneficial programs, your financial institution will also earn non-interest income. Our programs are turnkey and include contract negotiation, marketing material, compliance oversight, and reporting.

Payment protection programs are priced not only on your institution’s historical results, but also strongly take into account your potential—programs are customized and tailored to meet you and your borrowers' needs.


Under SWBC Life Insurance Company is a licensed entity, SLIC Insurance Agency, LLC, that distributes individual protection products to consumers. These products can be purchased through a variety of outlets.

Final Expense Life Insurance

This permanent life insurance option provides individuals with a lifetime of protection. A death benefit would be paid to the designated beneficiary should the insured pass away and the policy builds cash value with every payment made.

Juvenile Whole Life Insurance

Juvenile whole life insurance is a policy specifically designed for children. With affordable rates and premiums that are guaranteed to never increase, individuals can help plan for their children/grandchildren’s futures. This permanent life insurance option will also accumulate cash value over time.

Life Insurance Call Center

The life insurance call center focuses on providing exceptional one-on-one service to individuals who are at all different stages of life. With a licensed insurance agent available to discuss life insurance questions, individuals are sure to find the right policy to fit their needs.


“We have many vendor relationships for all kinds of products and services. When we think about SWBC, we never have headaches or issues. The SWBC team is responsive. It is a partnership. This is one relationship where there are no concerns or doubts.”

Steven Erp
Chief Lending Officer, Texans Credit Union

“We saw similar results with all of our other products and are on track to surpass last year’s total production and income numbers this month. This success is greatly due to the impressive products and support we receive. We really appreciate our business and personal relationships with SWBC and feel like we have a real partnership with you.”

Troy Backus
AVP Consumer Lending Insurance Services, Mountain America Credit Union

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