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Total Contact Center Solutions

Let SWBC become an extension of your financial institution with our enterprise-level contact center services. Our Total Solution approach to serving institutions has led our team to wrap multiple outreach services under one holistic product. Through this service, SWBC will provide a viable and cost-effective solution to contact center teams struggling to meet the ever-changing needs of their borrowers and members.


Through scripting and service level agreements our call center staff are in lock-step with your financial institution’s brand and customer service standards.

Total Member Service Outsource

Product-Specific Member Service Support

Member Service Overflow

Extended Service Hours

SWBC has more than 30 years of experience operating a contact center. We take pride in ensuring our agents represent your financial institution with the utmost respect and embody the member-first mentality.


Our team will support your financial institution during peak times. Outsourcing when your call queues increase will allow your own representatives to not feel rushed to take the next call, all while maintaining member satisfaction through reduced wait times as SWBC contact center representatives take your overflow calls.
SWBC contact center representatives are available to take your account holders’ necessary info to begin the loan application process. Through our integrated systems, we’ll be able to access the member’s account and route all required loan information back your financial institution for loan review and decision.
Bring relief to your member service representatives (MSRs) and shift a portion of your call queue to SWBC. We can handle everything from account-related questions, updating address information, fraud inquiries, and more.
If you’re discovering increased call volumes at the beginning, middle, or end of each month as loan payments are due, our contact center representatives can field payment-related calls, so your in-house MSRs can focus on other phone inquiries. Thanks to our integrated systems, and payment services provided by SWIVEL® we’ll be able to accept payments and input them directly into a borrowers account. If your institution has features including Connect2Core activated, payment data will be reflected immediately on the account.
Collections call support as a stand-alone service or part of our Outsourced Collections product line. We can assist with both inbound and outbound calls to delinquent accounts to capture promise-to-pays or collect funds.
Activate Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services to help your borrowers quickly make their late payments without having to speak with an agent. Navigating through automated prompts, your borrower can address their delinquent account but can still reach a live agent if they need support. 
Instead of having to make separate calls to your borrower when they’re missing their vehicle insurance information and are delinquent on their loan payment, our team will handle both instances in one call. Our representatives will capture their updated insurance details and work to secure a promise-to-pay or collect funds.


Three decades of contact center operations experience

We serve financial institutions of all sizes

The latest technology in call routing and core integrations

Reduce the burden and stress of hiring and training contact center representatives

We follow all applicable compliance standards and keep you and your members’ data secure

Listen to all recorded calls to keep tabs on how we’re addressing your members


"I actually paid a visit to your call center in Texas to see first-hand if your staff was going to treat our members like we do. I couldn't have been happier to sit with actual agents listening to them, even doing a little coaching at times when they had a question, and then meeting with the managers and understanding that not only were our members being treated the way that we would treat them but holistically we have the same approach—member first. Folks that I saw interact with your agents didn't know that it wasn't a First Tech representative and we get very, very few complaints. And really appreciate the fact that you embody the credit union spirit and your agents uphold the highest standards of our call requirements."
Troy VanRiper
Vice President, Special Assets Management, First Tech FCU
If your contact center feels like an ongoing struggle to find the right balance of staff to manage the fluctuations in volume, outsource to SWBC and reduce the stress of constantly managing your operations workload

Keep a Pulse on Production with In-Depth Reporting


Never feel out of the loop thanks to our easy-to-use reporting feature in our exclusive platform, AP Portal. Our reports monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to your financial institution including total calls taken, average hold and talk times, abandoned calls, and total loan applications.

If your institution has additional risk management or income generations products from SWBC, all the data is at your fingertips through our reporting tool in AP Portal.

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