Personalize your digital experience with, an SWBC partner. powers segment-of-one digital experiences for financial institutions that drive acquisition and engagement: better listening, deeper connections, and superior service. It can take your website to the next level. Imagine your content tailored to visitors' behavior, location, and needs. It's all possible with our powerful customization tools.

Online, Personalized Journeys for Your MembersDeep Personalization at Scale

Customize by Behavior customizes your website based on visitor interests. For example, if Apple users show a 3x higher likelihood of applying for an account on Monday mornings, the platform optimizes your site for them during those times, streamlining onboarding.

Customize by Need predicts the most relevant product for each website visitor based on their current portfolio. The platform presents banner ads promoting the matched products, boosting engagement by nearly 3x more.

Customize by Geography creates geographic micro-segments by using visitors' locations on your website. For example, the platform found that millennials in San Diego prefer researching car loans on Monday or Tuesday mornings. It then generated loan offers for this group in that area.


AI-Enabled Solution that Delivers Financial Product Journeys Based Upon Member Online Behavior

Dynamic Website Content

The platform uses multi-faceted data to customize imagery and messaging for each unique website visitor.

Segment-of-One Marketing's platform delivers personalized content to visitors using real-time data streams and machine learning, freeing institutions from static websites.

Lifetime Customer Value can section members by credit score, demographics, geography, and other key attributes

Branch Optimization

The platform enables you to tailor messaging and imagery to the unique needs of each branch based on the areas they serve.

Results in Weeks, Not Months

Data has tremendous value, but unlocking it can be a challenge. Credit Unions may struggle to find or allocate the resources to apply big data and machine learning. Through SWBC's partnership with, we bring institutions innovation and help to compete. The platform is configurable, flexible, and scalable, so clients see results quickly. Customer, Visions FCUWows Members by Grabbing Celent Model Bank Award

Wowing members and winning awards for excellence in technology usage in areas pertinent to success in banking are not the only things Visions FCU accomplished by utilizing the platform.

*Data provided by
Improved conversion of prospects to members by a jaw-dropping


Increased click-through rates on credit card applications by


Visions also used the platform to enhance service quality, acknowledge significant financial milestones for its members, and better understand the needs of microsegments within the markets it serves.

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