Executive Benefits

As a business leader, you know that recruiting talented leadership is a challenge. And, once in place, retention of your key executives is essential in order to avoid business disruption and expense caused by their turnover. There are numerous executive benefits options available to give your business the flexibility to create customized, competitive packages to recruit, retain, and reward your executive leadership.

Our Executive Benefits team can create programs that are tailored to your business or financial institution. Our team can design, implement, and proactively manage compensation-based executive benefits programs to support your organization's strategic recruiting and retention goals for your key executives.

Deferred Compensation Plans

Allow your executives to contribute to a retirement account by deferring a portion of their income to experience potential tax benefits.

Split-Dollar Life Insurance

Split Dollar or Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs) are popular executive benefit package options. Recruit, retain, and reward by offering your executives employer-funded life insurance coverage.

Executive Group Life and Disability

Offer your top executives the ability to add on individualized life and disability plans that can help bridge the gap between your group plans. Benefits including Long-Term Care provide your top executives comfort that they’re covered if their daily functions are affected.

Key Person Life Insurance

Protect the stability of your business by taking out a policy on indispensable team members to help mitigate the cost of replacing them during a transition.

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