Voluntary Employee Benefits

More and more, it's becoming critical that businesses offer robust benefits packages in order to help them recruit and retain top talent. However, as you likely know, the cost of insuring your employees continues to rise. Offering affordable Voluntary Employee Benefits gives your employees the convenience of choosing from a menu of optional insurance coverages—all with little or no cost to you!


Flexible Options to Choose From

With rising health care costs, voluntary benefits are a cost-effective solution for you and your employees. As an SWBC client, we will evaluate your unique business and employee base to customize a voluntary benefits package that makes sense for your business and your workforce.

Fill the Gaps in Your Coverage

You may offer your employees a core medical plan, but they could benefit from supplemental coverage, such as life, dental, and vision insurance. Voluntary benefits can help fill the gaps in your employee benefits coverage and give your employees the option to add on coverage that they deem beneficial. 

Convenience for a Fraction of the Cost

Providing an easy and convenient way for employees to select Voluntary Employee Benefits is important. We can help ensure employees receive a smooth, easy process when selecting their benefits, pay premiums at a group rate, and receive the insurance coverage they deserve.

Let us show you a few cost-effective insurance benefit options you can include that will help keep your business competitive within the industry and attract top talent looking for a company with a robust benefits package.

Our Voluntary Employee Benefits Stand Out From the Competition

Offer Payroll Deductions

Employees may elect to payroll deduct the Voluntary Insurance benefits they choose—streamlining the administrative process with less worry about ever missing a premium payment.

Meet the Diverse Needs of All Your Employees

Each of your employees has different needs and are at different stages in their lives. Whatever the age range of your workforce, offering Voluntary Insurance benefits can help meet the needs of all employees and provide comprehensive coverage. 

Manage Your Health Benefits Budget

We understand that sometimes companies need to scale back on their health care costs, but offering Voluntary Insurance benefits is a great way to manage your health benefits budget while still offering a robust benefits package with little or no impact to your bottom line.

We can provide your company with a range of voluntary insurance benefits tailored to your workforce. We take the time to learn about your company and employees, and take a consultative approach so we can offer insurance benefits that make sense to your employees while keeping your bottom line in mind.

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