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Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance

Protecting your business against unexpected situations can be difficult. One of the easiest ways to prepare for the curve balls that may come your way is with an umbrella liability insurance policy. If you find yourself responsible for paying more on a claim than your business’ standard policies will cover, or if those policies don’t cover certain claims, an umbrella policy can protect your assets.


You always know where you stand with your policy and claims because you work with a:

Focus on Your Business

We take the time to look at your business holistically to help you obtain the best protection for your assets at the best price available. To do this, we focus on your objectives, goals, and progress.

Identify Exposures to Mitigate Risk

Protecting your business' assets is our priority, and when you partner with us, we assess all risks, review claims history to minimize future risk, and analyze trends to ensure proper guidance.

Deliver Solutions that Work for You

We go above and beyond to ensure our insurance coverage is working for you by creating tailored insurance coverage that fits your business, providing the best available coverage by working with A-rated carriers, and giving you access to insurance experts ready to answer any questions you have.

When it comes to finding umbrella liability insurance coverage for your business, SWBC makes the process simple and easy. We take a consultative approach to finding the right coverage to fit your needs.

Gain a teamof insurance experts

You always know where you stand with your policy and claims because you work with a:


A consultant focused on learning your business insurance needs by thoroughly finding gaps and overlaps in your coverage.

Loss Control Specialist

A loss control specialist investigating potential risk and losses while giving advice on how to mitigate those risks.

Account Manager

An account manager dedicated to managing the day-to-day operations of your policy while staying up-to-date with renewal dates, premiums, and policy updates.

Claims Manager

A claims manager with years of experience in the insurance industry that is dedicated to properly processing, settling, and closing claims on time.

An umbrella liability insurance policy through SWBC can ensure that your business is protected and you have an insurance partner that is with you for the long haul.

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