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Asset Recovery

Loss mitigation is a vital part of your auto lending business. The challenge for most lenders, however, is that managing all of the tasks and steps in the asset recovery process is tedious, inefficient, and can take months. With Asset Recovery and Remarketing services, your staff can efficiently consign, track, and communicate directly with service providers to assign field contacts, repossessions, skip tracing, and remarketing with the option of online and live auctions, to maximize the return on your assets. 


Your financial institution’s staff can follow a turnkey workflow that takes them from assigning field contact, to repossessions, to remarketing of your collateral within our user-friendly, customizable platform. 

Begin and Track Claims Efficiently

Work assignment and tracking capabilities allow you to initiate asset recovery and remarketing service requests and view the full workflow history–plus all documentation–in real time.

Stay in the Loop

Real-time web-based reporting helps your staff stay update-to-date on the status of all open cases and gives you the ability to customize reports to quickly and easily pull the data that you need to make decisions.

Generate a Digital Footprint

Our services give you the ability to create routine audit trails, which eliminates errors, reduces compliance exposure, and streamlines the communication process.

Handpicked Partners

Our vast network of partners gives you access to pre-negotiated pricing and consistent quality of work. Our partnerships include more than 1,500 repossession agents, and 100 auction facilities. And best of all, you get to choose which vendors you work with.
Besides our real-time tracking capabilities and our scalable system that allows your institution to leverage our expansive network of partners across the country, our proprietary AutoPilot® software provides your staff access to asset recovery services and remarketing in a single software platform.

Streamline your asset recovery process through an efficient and cost-effective outsourced partner like SWBC. 


Technology for Efficiency

SWBC’s exclusive AutoPilot® Software pulls together all the asset recovery services under one, user-friendly program. Your staff can quickly access the software to streamline the process of field contact, repossession, skip tracing, and remarketing services. With detailed reporting, you can review how your entire asset recovery program is performing and how it’s contributing to your overall risk management strategy.

Learn more about our AutoPilot Risk Management Platform

Outsourced Expertise

We leverage our industry experts nationwide to benefit your financial institution as your indirect lending portfolios grow. We have more than 200 representatives, 1,500+ repossession agents, and 100 auction facilities ready to be put to work for you.

Regular Communication

You and your team won’t feel out of the loop as we provide weekly updates on the progress of all vehicle investigations. SWBC issues notifications of repossession in real time, along with a quote for key and transportation.

Cost Effective

With asset recovery services from SWBC, you can rest assured that we will only bill your financial institution if we have successfully recovered the vehicle or resolved the skip. In many instances, the fees can often be reimbursed if the vehicle has a collateral protection insurance (CPI) policy.

If you’re ready to reduce your risk by collecting and recovering as much money as possible against your collateral, contact us today to get started or call 866-316-1162.

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