Liability Insurance

Nobody’s perfect. Even the most seasoned expert in their field could make a mistake, leaving a client in distress. If that client decides to take legal action, professional liability insurance can step in and protect your business assets. Anyone who provides professional advice or services to consumers, such as salon professionals or IT consultants, can benefit from shielding their business from a potential lawsuit from an unhappy client.

General Liability Insurance

A General Liability policy can protect your business from property damage, bodily injury, and even personal and advertising injury claims that your business could potentially face.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Accidents happen, even at the safest workplaces so it’s important to secure Workers’ Compensation Insurance to protect your employees and your business. This coverage provides your employees with medical care and compensation when necessary, and protects your business from lawsuits that may arise due to injuries or illnesses.

Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance

These days, you can never be too protected—the number of lawsuits businesses face exceeding the standard liability insurance limit is more common than ever before. By having an Umbrella Liability Insurance policy in place, your business, assets, and future earnings are safe from the unexpected.

Professional Liability Insurance

If you are a professional providing advice or services, you could potentially face an unhappy client who decides to pursue legal action against you and your business. With Professional Liability Insurance, you can rest easy knowing that your business and assets are safeguarded.

Cyber Liability Insurance

More than ever before, business are susceptible to cyber attacks and security breaches due to our growing dependence on technology and savvy cyber criminals. With online transactions and sensitive employee information stored digitally, it’s critical to have Cyber Liability Insurance in place to help you manage the fallout of a cyber attack.

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