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Primary Flood Insurance

Your clients have different needs, and finding the right product to fit their varying needs can be a challenge. Flood insurance carries its own unique challenges. Flooding is among the most frequent and costly natural disasters, and with the amount of damage our nation has experienced in the last decade due to flooding and storms, it’s more important than ever to offer your clients sufficient flood coverage.

When you work with SWBC, you gain access to primary flood coverage for all zones, properties, and states to meet all of your clients’ needs. Through SWBC, you will earn some of the highest commission payouts available today and create value for your clients by offering a competitively priced alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) that doesn't involve the time-consuming elevation certificate submission processes or 30 day waiting periods characteristic of the NFIP offering.

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Flood Insurance Coverage forNon-Participating Communities

SWBC’s Non-Participating Flood Insurance program provides primary flood coverage for residential and commercial properties located in communities which do not participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) as well as those in CBRA designated areas.

Coverage Limits

Coverage is available with limits up to $500,000 for both residential and commercial properties, and higher coverage is available on a case-by-case basis.

Superior Protection

Our program offers protection similar to that available under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and is provided for the repair or rebuilding of insured property.

Nationwide Coverage

Flood coverage is available in all 50 states.

Now your clients with properties not typically eligible for standard flood coverage—those that do not participate in NFIP or those in CBRA designated areas—can benefit with a primary flood insurance policy from SWBC.

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Offer the Protection Your Clients Need

A-Rated Carriers

We offer coverage through A-rated carriers whose strong and stable ratings help ensure coverage will be there to protect your clients now and in the future.

Experienced Underwriters

Our underwriters have decades of experience writing business in zones and areas that other carriers won’t consider, such as negative elevations, all property types, and all flood zones.

Faster Transactions

With our online application, you can submit business 24/7 and expect a 24-48-hour turnaround time for quotes with a completed application.
Work with SWBC to help your clients gain the flood protection they need. Become a registered agent, and begin offering SWBC Flood today.

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Fill out the form below to become a registered agent today.

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