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Providing Unparalleled Success and Exceptional Service for Over 30 Years

Through aggressive protesting at appeal hearings throughout Texas, we work to reduce our clients’ property tax values. In addition, our clients count on us to secure appropriate property tax exemptions, property tax abatements, and to create tax increment financing structures.

Our efforts have produced billions of dollars in corrected valuations and the granting of thousands of property tax exemptions and abatements. These tax savings, coupled with our exceptional attention to detail, give SWBC Ad Valorem Tax Advisors a truly remarkable history of unparalleled client satisfaction.

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A Team ofExperts

When you partner with SWBC Ad Valorem Tax Advisors, you gain access to one of the most experienced teams of property tax professionals in Texas. Our expertise extends across numerous industries and property types:

Residential Properties

Commercial Properties

Agricultural/Wildlife Properties

Industrial Complex Properties

Thorough Knowledge of Unique Issues.Always Prepped for Success.

Having extensive knowledge of the overlooked and unique issues present in property taxes, along with a solid comprehension of the valuation process is the key to a successful property tax reduction.

  • Full and partial exemption filing (ex: homestead, over 65, disabled veteran, disability, charitable, religious, historic)
  • Tax proration
  • Tax projections and estimates
  • Tax status and back tax information research
  • Agricultural rollback tax estimates and verification
  • Review of the tax value for potential acquisition
  • Consult and manage enterprise zones, re-investment zones, and abatement requests

Our team knows that a successful property tax assessment appeal incorporates the preparation of an extensive valuation analysis that helps tell the full story.

By analyzing reports, we can help to find any inaccurate or missed inventory and fixed assets.

SWBC Ad Valorem Tax Advisors will provide support in managing your annual property taxes through inspections, evaluations, appeals preparation, recommendations, negotiations, and reports.

A key component of an industrial complex property tax analysis is conducting a comprehensive abnormal (functional and economic) obsolescence audit.

Working with our network of experienced attorneys, we provide litigation support and expert advice on potential property value agreements.

Our team works to identify incentives and exemptions that may have been overlooked.

We help our clients with their business personal properties by value rendering, evaluating fixed asset registers, determining allowable depreciations, and completing the appeals process.

A Knowledgeable teamFocused on Providing Exception Results

We focus on creating and implementing optimal ad valorem tax strategies that will result in the highest possible property tax savings. Our clients receive:

Comprehensive Account Management

Personalized client management signifies our belief that every client and property is important. We provide clear communication and approach client representation with the attention they deserve.

Diverse Expertise

SWBC Ad Valorem Tax Advisors understands the unique factors of the commercial real estate market and the changing dynamics of its regulatory environment, including political, legal, administrative, and economic factors in Texas.

Unique Market Insight

We deliver advanced property tax consulting services by combining our proprietary databases with research from publicly available property tax records. The foundation of our comprehensive and individualized negotiation strategies is detailed and accurate research, while maintaining an understanding of the local marketplace.

Professional and Aggressive Representation

Our team confidently represents our clients throughout the administrative property tax protest hearings – both formal and informal. We believe aggressive, yet professional negotiation is essential to our client’s success in achieving tax fairness. If the administrative appeal process is not successful, we offer litigation support to our clients and their counsel via accurate and timely account documentation.

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