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Benefits Pre-Funding for Credit Unions

As employee benefits costs rise every year, the pressure on your credit union’s bottom line increases as well. Offering a comprehensive benefits package is essential to attracting and retaining quality employees, but you can’t prioritize paying for employee benefits over member services. That’s where SWBC’s Benefits Pre-Funding program comes in.

Guidance in FundingThe Benefits Package You Need


We Take a Team Approach to Your Portfolio

Our team includes experienced investment professionals and portfolio managers who create a customized strategy that aligns with your credit union’s goals. Our investment team engages a centralized focus on liquidity and conservative investing, while maintaining flexibility to adjust allocations as needed.

Invest Funds and Offset Costs

With SWBC Benefits Pre-Funding, your credit union can invest your capital in asset classes previously limited by regulatory guidelines—utilizing a regulatory exemption. You then use the additional investment earnings to offset the costs of employee benefits, including but not limited to health insurance, dental insurance, pension plans, and 457 deferred compensation plans.

We'll Customize a Program for You

We’ll take time to understand your credit union’s strategy and create a customized program that aligns with your goals and needs. From testing, to board approval, implementation, and performance analysis, we’ll guide you every step of the way.


Pre-funding is allowed for federal credit unions through NCUA § 701.19 (c). In most cases, state-chartered credit unions can take advantage of the same opportunity with approval from state regulators.

Put Alternative Investment to WorkWith Employee Benefits Pre-Funding

Invest in New Asset Options

Choose from U.S. and foreign equities, corporate bonds, and international bonds.

Offset Eligible Expenses

Use your investment income to offset health care expenses; retirement benefits, such as 401(k) matching funds, pension contributions, and 457(f) plans; disability insurance premiums; and life insurance premiums.

Customize Your Program

SWBC will work with you every step of the way to test, design, and implement the pre-funding investment options of your choice.

Receive Ongoing Help

After program implementation, the SWBC investment team will maintain and adjust your investments as needed.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like employee benefits will become less costly anytime soon. Because of that, you need a new strategy that allows you to pay for the benefits your credit union employees deserve without sacrificing service to your members.

SWBC Benefits Pre-Funding provides a unique way to invest in the higher yield investments needed to offset rising benefits costs. Consult an advisor to get started today!

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