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Retail Investment Programs

If you’re in charge of business growth for a financial institution, you probably recognize that you can’t do everything yourself. And, when it comes to adding investment solutions to your product lineup, there’s a host of challenges, like customer and staff education, compliance, and access to investment professionals.

When you partner with SWBC, you can offer your consumers a full line of investment products and services by giving them access to an investment professional who will provide customized, comprehensive financial strategies as they navigate through life-changing events.

A Comprehensive ProgramDesigned to Help You Meet Your Needs

Our team helps you plan for your success every step of the way.


We develop one-, three-, and five-year strategic plans that include your program goals, and we work with you to develop a plan for evaluating progress and success.


Your retail investment program from SWBC includes conversion and implementation timelines, a post-conversion review, and quarterly progress reviews.


Your financial institution receives a personalized plan and information on the roles and responsibilities of SWBC and your institution.


We provide management oversight and assistance from teams specialized in sales, marketing, implementation, operations, training, and compliance.

Offering new products to your customers doesn’t require you to create new programs in house. To offer customers customized financial plans and investments that suit their needs and goals, partner with SWBC. By taking advantage of our expertise and wide range of investment products, you’re able to offer customers a whole new family of financial services, all under your institution’s roof.

Customize aProgram to Help You Meet Your Needs

Because your financial institution’s needs and members are unique, you can customize your Retail Investment Services program. Your financial institution dictates how much you wish to manage in house and how you work with SWBC.

Managed program

This turnkey program places an SWBC employee in your institution to manage the entire investment program and work with members.

Dual-employee program

With this shared solution, your financial institution and SWBC divide responsibilities for program implementation and management.

Shared representative program

If your financial institution doesn’t need full program management, the shared representative program provides an SWBC investment advisor part-time.

Learn how a partnership with SWBC allows you to offer your customers comprehensive investment solutions, while increasing your financial institution's wallet share.

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