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Wellness Programs

When you invest in your employees’ well-being, you begin to empower them to make healthier decisions that go beyond the workplace and it becomes a lifestyle—healthy employees are happy employees. We help keep your employees engaged and focused by providing your business with helpful resources that fit your employee needs.

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Access to Wellness Resources

As a valued client, you receive more than just a cookie-cutter wellness program. You’ll receive access to annual program calendars, monthly wellness newsletters, assistance with weight loss challenges that have been tailored to your workforce—plus much more.

Wellness Program Manager

Access to a professional wellness expert is expensive. But, as a value-added bonus to our clients, you’ll receive access to our Certified Wellness Program Manager that will take the time to learn your workforce and their habits, and who is ready for the challenge to create a successful and life-changing wellness program for your employees.

Healthy and Happy Employees

Your new wellness program can offer many other benefits than just the loss of a few pounds. When your employees engage in the wellness program, you begin to see morale and employee culture improve, greater productivity, less absenteeism, and an overall positive impact in the workplace.

According to Virgin Pulse's The Business of Healthy Employees Survey, 90% of employees believe well-being programs at work positively affect work culture.

Invest In Your Employees By Choosing The Right Partner

Let us be your choice for a wellness program that puts your employees’ health first! We stand behind our mission to inspire your employees by teaching how little, everyday changes can make a BIG impact.

Together, we can make the perfect team and lead you down a path of success by addressing four key areas:

Reduce and Prevent Health Risks

Our professional Wellness Program Manager can offer you and your employees tailored wellness programs, nutritional advice, and help guide you in scheduling biometric screenings—potentially helping to reduce and prevent illnesses and disease.

Stay Competitive in the Marketplace

Compete with other top companies offering a robust benefits package and step up your game by providing a strong wellness program that fits your employees’ lifestyle.

Save on Health Care Costs

Our wellness expert can help you implement an effective wellness program that focuses on reducing your company’s healthcare costs, potentially saving you thousands of dollars each year by reducing the number of medical claims, health care premiums, and your contribution toward employees’ health care.

Keep Employees Engaged and Active All Year

We set ourselves apart from the competition because as an SWBC client, you gain access to a wellness coach. Our Wellness Program Manager provides continued support to ensure your employees stay active all year with our array of complimentary services. Our Wellness Program Manager provides a yearly wellness program calendar, monthly wellness flyers and newsletters, and can help schedule annual biometric screenings for all employees.

We provide our employee health and benefits clients an unmatched level of complimentary wellness consulting and value-added services to help keep your organization strong and healthy. Experience how a customized wellness plan can positively impact your workforce for years to come.

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