Payroll Services

As a business leader, you’re faced with a large task list to ensure your business operates efficiently, and paying your employees is usually at the top of the list. The tedious and time-consuming tasks of entering payroll, accurately calculating hours to be paid, cutting checks, and avoiding errors that could bring penalties and fines from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), can be stressful.


Whether you have five or 500 employees, processing payroll is time consuming. It requires a great attention to detail and may be costing you a great deal of money if you employ multiple employees to handle your payroll needs.

Save Time and Overhead Costs

When you outsource your payroll services, you’re given access to a tailored payroll-processing platform with a bird’s-eye view of all your employees where you can easily manage, pay, and process reports—in real time. In three easy steps, enter your employee names into our secure payroll platform once, their hours, review the calculations, and approve. It’s that easy! Employees will receive their paychecks automatically each time you approve payroll.

Customer Service You Can Count On

Our payroll services come with dedicated payroll specialists ready to answer your questions and solve your most challenging problems.

A Secure and Reliable Payroll Platform

Safeguarding your employees’ personal information is our number one priority. As a client, your confidential login and password is secure because our state-of-the-art payroll platform is equipped with the latest technology to protect, store, and create a safe place for all your employee data.

Stay Compliant and Avoid Penalties

Staying abreast of tax regulations can be challenging. You can count on our payroll experts to be up-to-date on the latest local government rules and regulations. Let us do the tedious work of keeping up with the latest rules and paying your state and federal taxes, so you can get back to your business.



Enjoy the flexibility of paying your employees how they want—by check, direct deposit, or pay card. You can pay all classes of employees—salaried, hourly, flat-rate, part-time, and full-time—on one easy-to-use payroll platform.


Whether you’re on your mobile device, in the office, or at home, you can access our mobile-friendly platform to process payroll and view all reporting 24/7.

Straight-Forward Pricing

Our set fee per employee means you only pay per employee paycheck to process payroll—no more, no less!

Simplify, save time, and focus on your goals by partnering with SWBC for your payroll needs. Contact us today for a full demo of our payroll services.

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