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Verification Services

Researching and verifying a potential borrower’s personal and financial information can be one of the most time consuming and manual processes when it comes to making a lending decision. Verification services help streamline your lending process and provide confidence in your borrowers’ ability to repay their loans.

Whether you need income information from the IRS, identity confirmation, employment verification, or automated bank statements, SWBC’s experienced and knowledgeable staff can free up your employees’ time by completing verification research and paperwork.


Compliant Options

The mortgage lending industry is constantly changing. With that in mind, SWBC ensures our verification services remain compliant with state and federal regulatory agencies.

Fast and Secure Solution

Our cost-effective verification services provide you with 24/7 online access, real-time and historical account analysis, and direct access to more than 14,000 financial institutions, allowing you to obtain the information you need, when you need it.

Unbiased Third-Party Verifications

Our Verifications of Employment (VOE) service reduces the risk of consumer misrepresentation and delivers compliant Ability-To-Repay verifications. And, we are the only VOE provider with a 99% success rate.


Income Verification

We provide the fastest and most secure 4506-T income verification solution in the industry.

Within 48 hours, we retrieve electronic tax transcripts directly from the IRS, allowing you to quickly validate stated income, uncover borrower misrepresentation, and confidently determine a consumer's ability to repay.

Verification of Accounts

Our Verification of Accounts service automates the manual verification of deposits and assets by electronically pulling your consumers' account data directly from thousands of financial institutions. With the consumer's authorization, a secure web-based platform accesses asset and liability accounts, and instantly helps evaluate ability to repay.

Verification of Employment

We provide unbiased third-party verifications that mitigate the risk of consumer misrepresentation, reduce in-house VOE processing time, and deliver compliant QM/Ability-To-Repay verifications. We expedite the delivery of complete and accurate employment data within 72 hours.

As a lender, you want to close loans as quickly as possible, but not at the expense of proper verification and compliance. When you choose SWBC verification services, you’ll know your borrowers’ financial information has been thoroughly and accurately verified, and your mortgage lending program will remain compliant with industry regulations and guidelines.



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