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Account Retention Services

Sometimes, your account holders spend a little more than they have in their account. While some customers are quick to resolve their overdrawn accounts, others may need additional engagement to remedy. Financial institutions who make an effort to salvage relationships with existing account holders, know that it’s easier to keep a current customer than to gain a new one. However, utilizing your existing staff to make account retention calls can be time consuming and takes away from their primary jobs. 

How You Benefit FromAccount Retention Services

Save Staff Resources

Engaging with customers is a time-consuming process, especially when trying to track them down to resolve overdrawn accounts. Outsource those efforts using a turnkey account retention program to keep your costs down.

Reduce Overdrawn Accounts

The more effort made to collect on overdrawn accounts ultimately impacts your institution’s bottom line and reduces your monthly charge-offs.

Re-Engage Consumers

Financial institutions can turn an overdrawn account into an opportunity to re-engage with the account holder. Account retention services reminds the customer that you’re here to help.

Create Loyalty

Trust is an important factor between an account holder and their financial institution. Working to understand why a customer is overdrawn and working with them to bring their accounts positive play a key role to creating long-term loyalty.
SWBC Account Retention Services clients have reduced total charge-offs on overdrawn accounts by an average of 35% per month.

Service Experts toContact Your Account Holders


Our staff receives intense training to ensure all FDCPA, TCPA, and other compliance and regulations requirements are met.

Combined Outreach

Account retention representatives use a blend of automated and live calls with predictive dialing technology.

Extended Hours

We help extend your calling hours by using our team to reach to your account holders. Our team executes a primetime evening and weekend contact strategy to create a greater chance to reach right-party contacts.
Contact us to today to learn more about reducing your institution's charge-off rates and re-engaging account holders.

Manage Account Retention Services with AutoPilot® Technology

Through our innovative web portal, AutoPilot allows your team to track progress of all overdrawn accounts in a single platform. You can quickly view reports and monitor progress of your program in a customizable dashboard.

Learn more about our AutoPilot Risk Management Platform

Client Testimonials

“We love this program and we use it here daily. It is definitely one of the best time/money saving tools we have purchased in a very long time.”
Bob Lane

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