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Retirement Plan Services

SWBC Retirement Plan Services focuses exclusively on serving retirement plan sponsors and their participants. Throughout our history, our singular mission has been to provide unbiased advisory and plan advocacy services to retirement plans and their sponsors.

Our division of SWBC was founded because we saw a significant need in the market that was not being met by other providers. Amid the hard numbers and legal terms often used in our industry, it is easy to overlook the simple underlying purpose of having a retirement plan in the first place. At SWBC, our goal is to make it personal for our clients and their participants. We never forget that participants are people, and assets and plan balances are often shorthand for the sum total of an entire life’s work. We have built our company on the belief that people matter, and we continuously work to ensure that sentiment comes through in the services we provide to our partners and clients.


Our strong commitment to our clients allows us to successfully deliver on our vision by:

Committing in writing to our status as a 3(21) or 3(38) fiduciary.

Providing all clients with an agreement not to solicit your employees for ancillary services or products.

Assigning primary and secondary points of contact to ensure two senior advisory personnel are available at all times.

Offering no proprietary investment vehicles. 

Implementing true fee neutrality in all investment decisions.

Ensuring unparalleled structure, discipline, and documentation.

Providing an explicit, transparent fee structure.

Maintaining an unbiased position free from conflicts of interest.

Confirming reasonable fees and services for all providers.

Our Clients

SWBC Retirement Plan Services works with retirement plan sponsors in need of effective solutions with respect to fiduciary risk management, investment decisions, cost management, and increasing overall plan success. We also work with platform-level providers in need of solutions with respect to fiduciary risk management and investment decisions.

SWBC Retirement Plan Services currently has clients in 49 states representing a wide range of industries, sizes, and demographics. Contact us for more information about our clients.


  • Plan sponsor and platform-level 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary services
  • Hold harmless acceptance of fiduciary liability for investment decisions
  • 100% retirement plan focus; we are specialists in our field
  • RFI and RFP management
  • Elimination of conflicts of interest, including an agreement not to solicit your employees for other services

What We Offer

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