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Cyber Liability Insurance

Businesses are more susceptible than ever to cyber attacks and breaches as cyber criminals become more and more savvy. It’s not a question of ‘if’ you will experience a cyber attack, but ‘when’ and how fast your business will contain the data breach. In a time when most business transactions are conducted over the internet and customer and employee information is stored electronically, it’s critical that you have coverage in place to help you manage the fallout of a breach.

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Pre-Breach Protection

We take a consultative approach when working with businesses and give them the tools and resources to be proactive toward cybersecurity. Our cyber experts will take the time to review and recommend insurance coverage that fits and protects you in case you’re faced with a cyber breach and the aftermath that comes along with it. We also take it a step further and address any current gaps in your insurance coverage to minimize potential losses—giving you full 360-degree coverage.

Post-Breach Resources

We understand responding to a cyber breach immediately is crucial for the protection of your customers’ data, your company’s reputation, and for regulation requirements. When you partner with us, you gain immediate access to reputable cyber breach response firms to help you manage the crisis and incident response—and help cover expensive court costs and settlements.

A Range of Cyber Security Insurance Liability Limits

Every business is different and so are their cyber security risks. Our experts can help determine the amount of Cyber Liability Insurance limits you need based on the nature of your business, to ensure you have the coverage you need.

When your business is covered by SWBC Cyber Liability Insurance, you gain peace of mind knowing that your clients’ information is protected with a pre-determined limit of identity protection and recovery if their data is compromised. Let us prove our value.


Types ofCoverage

We offer a range of Cyber Liability Insurance protection for your business in the event of a cyber breach including:

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Electronic Content

Display of electronic content on your business' website.

Financial Damages

Protection from financial damages from unauthorized disclosure or general corruption of personal data.

Regulatory Penalties

Coverage for regulatory penalties (to the extent allowable by law), including the FTC Red Flag guidelines.


Protection from actions of dishonest employees.

Investigation and Defense Costs

Defense coverage costs and damages for regulatory agency investigations or requests associated with control and use of personally identifiable information.

Arm Your Business With Cyber Liability Coverage That Protects You When You Need It

Let us prove it to you. We can provide you with a free analysis of your current Cyber Liability Insurance, or if you don’t have one, we can develop a Cyber Liability Insurance policy that is right for you and your company, now and into the future.

Together we can work toward a solution by focusing on three key areas:

Providing Access to Cyber Liability Resources

In addition to working with knowledgeable and trusted SWBC Cyber Liability Insurance agents, you receive access to experienced breach response firms ready to handle any cyber security incident with the latest cyber breach preventative best practices, so you can build your first line of defense.

Offering a Pre-Determined Limit of Identity Theft for Your Customers

If the need arises, feel secure that your Cyber Liability Insurance policy comes with a set level of identity theft protection for your customers if their personal data is compromised.

Providing Post-Breach Protection

If you’re faced with a cyber breach, you may be left paying expensive data recovery expenses and legal fees. Our Cyber Liability Insurance policy provides protection against lawsuits from the result of the cyber breach—protecting you from the costly financial repercussions.

We invite you to experience what makes a Cyber Liability Insurance policy from SWBC stand out from the competition.

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