Benefits Funding and Pre-Funding | SWBC

Benefits Funding and Pre-Funding

When it comes to executive rewards and employee benefits, your financial institution is shouldering an ever-increasing burden. With benefits costs rising 5-7% per year according to the Society for Human Resource Management, every year proves more difficult to provide a benefits package that attracts talented executives and leaders, delivers convincing reasons for employees to stay, and complies with industry regulations.

With benefits funding and pre-funding from SWBC, your financial institution can invest in assets and use the growth in value to defray the present and future costs of executive rewards and employee benefits.

Benefits Pre-Funding for Banks

Use bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) to fund rewards for top executives and defray the cost of employee benefits.

Benefits Pre-Funding for Credit Unions

Use pre-funding to invest in new assets, directing gains toward a comprehensive employee benefits package.

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