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Employee Benefits Consulting Group

The SWBC Employee Benefits Consulting Group (EBCG) leads with an experienced team of best-in-class employee benefit consultants who demonstrate marketplace differentiation by designing, implementing, and managing comprehensive benefit programs that are the right solutions for our customers. Our consultative and holistic approach includes compliance, actuarial, analytical services, wellness program management, plus much more. 

A Team ofSupport

When you partner with SWBC EBCG, you gain Benefit Consultants with years of benefits negotiating experience and access to services tailored to your business, such as custom communication materials, wellness solutions, and compliance services to help you operate efficiently. Our Consultants will act as an advocate between you and health and wellness plan providers and assist employees with accurate benefit explanation and online enrollment, so your employees feel confident when selecting their benefit plans. 

Our goal in providing the best available coverage options and understanding your business is how we set ourselves apart from the competition. We focus on four main areas to help you maximize benefit coverage while identifying trends that may affect your bottom line, and discuss proactive measures to help mitigate any risks for your employees and your business to help save you money while keeping your employees healthy and happy.


We educate you on the latest health care laws to ensure you’re always up-to-date on the latest information from the government to remain compliant at all times. 

Strategic Benefit Plans

Our tailored benefit plans will include the best available coverage that fits your budget and we will always take the extra step to analyze all risks and trends within your business. 

Wellness Strategies

Our approach to wellness stands out because we take a holistic approach to wellness, integrating multiple wellness activities and initiatives into your company's wellness program. Let SWBC's Wellness Program Manager show you how incremental changes in employee fitness, health, and diet can bring about big changes in your health plan's performance.

Human Resources

Our Consultants are ready to assist with the cumbersome tasks of Human Resources, such as billing audits, eligibility for benefits, and other important tasks—leaving more time for you to focus on other important day-to-day business operations. 

Our Partnerships

What We Offer




Benefits Platinum Agency—Milliman


Top Employee Benefits Broker—San Antonio Business Journal


Exclusive Partnership with Milliman


Largest Employee Benefits Brokers—San Antonio Business Journal (#4, ranked by premiums administered in 2016)


Insurance Brokerages—San Antonio Business Journal (#1, ranked by number of licensed brokers locally)


Blue Cross Blue Shield Executive Advisory Committee Member


SWBC named MetLife Premier Partner


SWBC named UnitedHealthcare Platinum Producer

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