Great People.
Great Company.
Great Place to Work.

Great People.
Great Company.
Great Place to Work.

Great People.
Great Company.
Great Place to Work.

Great People.
Great Company.
Great Place to Work.

A strong company with over 40 years of sustained growth, SWBC has an inviting and energetic corporate culture and consistently has a wide variety of exciting opportunities. We value our employees and have a clear understanding that without them, we would not be where we are today. With top-quality benefits and competitive pay, SWBC is able to attract and retain top talent to help achieve our goals.

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Ever wonder what it’s like to be part of SWBC’s family? Check out the employees' testimonials below.

Enhance your Personal and Professional Well Being with ourBenefits & Opportunities

SWBC provides you with a competitive benefits package—the type that you can truly take advantage of.

Training andEmployee Development

SWBC’s Training & Employee Development Department, also known as TED, is an award-winning team responsible for the growth and development of SWBC’s most valued assets—its employees. We are committed to investing in our employees and helping them learn and develop knowledge, skills, and abilities that will benefit them professionally and personally.

Learning! 100

SWBC earned 5th Place. This award recognizes SWBC as a top innovative, collaborative organization that has a truly immersive learning culture.

Brandon Hall Excellence Award

SWBC was awarded Bronze for Compliance Training. The Excellence Award recognizes organizations that have successfully deployed programs, strategies, modalities, processes, systems, and tools that have achieved measurable results.

Learning! Champion Award

As a Learning! Champion Award winner, Mandy Smith, VP of Training & Employee Development, was recognized in the High Performer category as a champion who drives organizational performance through learning.

LearningElite Award

SWBC received a Bronze LearningElite Award. The award identifies SWBC as an organization who works continuously to improve learning and development both for themselves and the industry.

TED develops and oversees corporate-wide programs and initiatives designed to engage employees, provide an opportunity for professional growth, and facilitate knowledge transfer within SWBC.

Mentoring Program

Employees accepted to this award winning program are paired with mentors specifically skilled in the areas the employee wants to develop. Mentors are provided the opportunity to coach, guide, and share experiences and knowledge that will contribute to a mentee’s professional growth.

Emerging Professionals Program

Employees accepted to this distinguished program operate like a think tank. The group identifies different projects to work on, with a focus on increasing brand awareness, community involvement, and recruiting. At the end of the program, employees are given an opportunity to present their accomplishments to executive management.

The Career Development team is focused on identifying and meeting specific development needs of an individual or team. They utilize Learning Paths, which are customized, curated lists of training and development recommendations based on job function, required skills, or in preparation for promotion.

eLearning offers a lot of value to SWBC employees because of its flexibility and global reach, allowing employees to complete training at their own pace. This just-in-time training provides employees with what they need to know, when they need to know it, and is available in any location with internet access. Employees have access to over 3,500 courses, to include professional development, technical, and systems training.

TED offers a wide range of classroom training for both personal and professional development. Classroom training is used to promote idea sharing, group learning, and scenario-based best practices in a participant-centered environment. Classes offered include the following: Bridging the Generational Divide, Crucial Conversations, DiSC Workplace, Situational Leadership II, and more.

SWBC employees live these CORE VALUES on a daily basis: 

Employee Testimonials

I have been with SWBC for over 10 years and have never worked for a company with a more positive culture and strong core values. The employees, owners, and management value their employees and encourage them to focus on the success of the business and their careers. In addition, the company offers incredible benefits that many companies do not, including healthcare, retirement, tuition reimbursement, and gym membership discounts. This is a great place to work!
David Malchoff
Voice Services Manager, Information Technology
I could say a thousand things I love about our division, but one aspect that truly stands out to me is our leadership. Our executive team and management truly cares and respects our customers and employees—equally. Also, working for a company that values women’s leadership has always been important to me, and I’m empowered by the many women in leadership positions here and appreciate the opportunity to learn from them.
Alexandra Storey
Finance and Sales Operations Analyst, SWBC Mortgage Corporation
One of the rewarding perks of SWBC is that regardless of a role or job description, there is always someone who listens to your ideas, and I have consistently felt recognized and rewarded for my efforts. I started as a Premium Accounting Specialist, quickly moved up to a Revenue Accountant, and eventually to Revenue Accounting Supervisor—all within the span of 18 months! And, there is familiarity within the team and entire department that allows for comradery and genuine friendships to be built. I’m very lucky to work in a department full of motivated team members and a leader who is committed to ensuring the team’s career development and job satisfaction.
Lisa Torres
Revenue Accounting Supervisor, Accounting
While working for SWBC, you’ll have a chance to give back to the community.

Get toKnow Us

SWBC produces a quarterly digital magazine in-house, highlighting employees’ unique stories and providing timely, relevant information to our employee base. Take a glimpse into the SWBC culture. 
3sixty Magazine 2018 Volume 3
3sixty Magazine Volume 3 | 2018
3sixty Magazine 2018 Volume 4
3sixty Magazine Volume 4 | 2018

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