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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

Give your borrowers peace of mind by offering Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) with their auto loan. Adding GAP to your line of loan protection programs can help your borrowers rest easy, knowing they can be protected from a deficiency balance or depreciation after their insurance payout if their vehicle is totaled or stolen and not recovered.

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GAP Advantage can pay up to the remaining balance of your borrower’s auto loan after an insurance payout, protecting them from a financial loss. Plus, GAP Advantage will provide a guaranteed benefit to finance a replacement vehicle, if financed through your institution. This program is NOT available in Florida, Georgia, or Illinois.

GAP with PowerBuy delivers borrower benefits through the entire term of a loan and offers coverage addressing both outstanding loan balance and depreciation loss. Your borrower can purchase this coverage with a depreciation benefit of $2,500; $5,000; or $6,000. If their vehicle is declared a total loss after an accident or theft, they will receive the balance on the remainder of their loan or the reimbursement of the depreciation on their vehicle, whichever is greater.

Even the best insurance may not cover the entire amount owed on an auto loan, so get the best in GAP coverage with GAP Advantage with PowerBuy. Not only does it deliver borrower benefits throughout the entire term of the loan, offer coverage addressing both outstanding loan balance and depreciation loss, but it also gives the borrower additional funds to finance their next vehicle.

Your borrower can purchase this coverage with a depreciation benefit of $2,500; $5,000; or $6,000. If their vehicle is declared a total loss after an accident or theft, they will receive the balance on the remainder of their loan or the reimbursement of the depreciation on their vehicle, whichever is greater. Then, as an added benefit, they will receive a $2,500 allowance to finance a replacement vehicle.


This platform allows your loan officers to streamline their lending and cross-selling process to better serve your borrowers and protect their investments.

Streamlined Integration Process

UNITY’s® integration process combines all loan and product information on one screen for ease of use and integrates with SWBC’s insurance programs and many other loan origination systems.

Training and Sales Support

Our representatives will assist you in the step-by-step process of launching this program at your institution and provide your loan officers with all of the training and materials you need to sell GAP products to your borrowers. This platform will generate real-time product quotes, make intuitive recommendations from one screen and provide everything you need to make your staff more efficient.

Verification of Accounts

Our Verification of Accounts service automates the manual verification of deposits and assets by electronically pulling your consumers' account data directly from thousands of financial institutions. With the consumer's authorization, a secure web-based platform accesses asset and liability accounts, and instantly helps evaluate ability to repay.


Our team is dedicated to making the implementation process as streamlined and fast as possible. During the implementation process you can expect:

A Dedicated Project Manager

You’ll have a dedicated project manager to keep the implementation process on track from start to finish. Your project manager will serve as an information hub for your team to have all questions and concerns addressed.

A Branded Microsite

Our IT team will develop a microsite with your institution’s branding that you can plug into your existing website to give your borrowers an online source to get information about your GAP product.

Implementation Calls Based on Your Schedule

Your project manager will schedule regular calls based on your team’s schedule and availability to track progress, provide updates, and deliver pertinent information.

A Timely Launch

Our goal throughout the entire implementation process is to launch your GAP product to your borrowers as quickly as possible. We strive to complete all implementations within 60 days. For existing clients already using our UNITY ® system, 30 days is optimal.

When you partner with SWBC, you gain access to our experienced, award winning marketing team. We will provide you with multiple print and digital marketing options to help you promote your GAP program and all of its benefits to your borrowers.


For Your Institution

By offering GAP to your borrowers, your institution will be able to differentiate your point of sale program from the competition, protect more borrowers, even those who put a large down payment on their vehicle purchase or refinance a vehicle in a positive equity position, increase your non-interest income, and improve your retention by incenting your borrowers to finance their next vehicle with you.


For Your Borrowers

Your borrowers can choose from multiple GAP options which allows them to gain protection from loss of vehicle value due to depreciation, get coverage against an outstanding loan balance if their primary insurance is inadequate, and get benefits throughout the life of the loan.


Our GAP program gives you the ability to offer the GAP product that is the right fit for your borrowers. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the tools and resources to successfully market and sell your GAP product so that you can ensure your auto loan borrowers are protected, and generate significant non-interest income.

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Auto Advantage ProgramADR, Personal ID Restoration & Warranty Vault

Auto Deductible Reimbursement (ADR) will reimburse the borrower for a loss equal to the deductible limit shown on borrower’s auto insurance policy up to $500 or $1,000.

Provides a benefit of $500 or $1,000 when the borrower files a primary insurance claim
Benefit terms available from 1–5 years
Program covers all autos the borrower owns and insures



With SWBC, you gain a dedicated partner. Longtime client, Heritage Credit Union, has seen this dedication firsthand. John Phipps, Chief Lending Officer at Heritage Credit Union, has always found the sales and support staff of SWBC to be very helpful. “As we launch new products, SWBC is actively engaged in the process and will check in to make sure that things are going the way we expected, and if not, identify what they need to do to help us improve the situation,” said Phipps.

John Phipps
Chief Lending Officer at Heritage Credit Union


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