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Commercial Property Tax Services

If you own commercial real estate, you pay taxes based on the value assessed by your local government or appraisal district. The property appraisers and assessors however, may not be aware of every factor that impacts the value and you may find yourself paying higher property taxes than you should. SWBC’s team of Ad Valorem Tax Advisors can help you reduce your commercial property tax values, as well as secure appropriate property tax exemptions, property tax abatements, and create tax increment financing structures.

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A Track Record of SuccessA Long History of Client Satisfaction

  • Determine qualifying agricultural/wildlife exemptions are filed and maintained
  • Inspect current operation to ensure compliance
  • Assist in land subdivision planning to maximize tax benefits
  • Write and implement required wildlife management plans
  • Personal on-site inspection of your property
  • Review of appraisal district valuation
  • Evaluation of your property (economic, physical, and functional value factors)
  • Research assessments of comparable properties
  • Real property renditions and appeals preparation
  • Property's analysis (financial records and recent appraisals)
  • Protest recommendations (income, market or cost approaches to value)
  • Active and aggressive negotiations through informal meetings and formal district hearings
  • Respond to all assessor inquiries, information requests or other demands
  • Annual property tax summary report preparation
  • Full and partial exemption filing (ex: homestead, over 65, disabled veteran, disability, charitable, religious, historic)
  • Tax proration
  • Tax projections and estimates
  • Tax status and back tax information research
  • Agricultural rollback tax estimates and verification
  • Review of the tax value for potential acquisition
  • Consult and manage enterprise zones, re-investment zones, and abatement requests
  • Evaluate the facts supporting a claim for a reduced taxable value to determine if they are strong enough to justify further appeal in litigation
  • Network of experienced attorneys specializing in property tax law
  • Negotiate with appropriate appraisal district to reach a property value agreement
  • Evaluate and provide expert advice on potential property value agreements
  • Advise on potential expert witnesses
  • Business personal property value rendering in compliance with Texas law
  • Careful evaluation of fixed asset register
  • Determine/correct allowable depreciation in accordance with county guidelines
  • Defend rendered value through administrative appeal process

Since 1989, commercial real estate owners and business personal property owners have trusted SWBC’s team of Ad Valorem Tax Advisors to reduce their property tax values by aggressively protesting them at appeal hearings throughout Texas. In addition, our clients count on us to secure appropriate property tax exemptions, property tax abatements, and to create tax increment financing structures.

Our efforts have produced billions of dollars in corrected valuations and the granting of thousands of property tax exemptions and abatements. These tax savings, coupled with our exceptional attention to detail, give SWBC Ad Valorem Tax Advisors a truly remarkable history of unparalleled client satisfaction.

A Team of Experts

SWBC Ad Valorem Tax Advisors upholds one of the most experienced teams of property tax professionals, focused on creating optimal ad valorem tax strategies that result in the highest possible property tax savings for our clients.

With SWBC Ad Valorem Tax Advisors, you receive:

Comprehensive Account Management

Personalized client management signifies our belief that every client and property is important. We provide clear communication and approach client representation with the attention they deserve.

Unique Market Insight

We deliver advanced property tax consulting services by combining our proprietary databases with research from publicly available property tax records. As leaders in the community, we conduct continual research and maintain an understanding of the local marketplace. The firm's principals have led important and relevant groups including, but not limited to:

  • San Antonio Zoning Commission
  • Greater San Antonio Builders Association
  • San Antonio Planning Commission
  • Industrial Development Authority

We provide the most effective property tax representation with precise market analysis and local assessment jurisdictions.

Diverse Expertise

We maintain a clear understanding of the local commercial real estate market and the dynamics that effect its regulatory environment, including political, legal, administrative, and economic factors. We offer accurate property valuation and effective negotiation through a team of professionals who specialize in:

  • Commercial real estate valuation
  • Business and finance
  • Real estate development
  • Strategic negotiation
  • Property tax code

Professional and Aggressive Representation

We are committed to protecting our clients’ assets and arguing for tax fairness. We confidently represent our clients throughout the administrative property tax protest hearings – both formal and informal, and we believe that aggressive, yet professional negotiation is essential to our client’s success. On the occasion when the administrative appeal process does not produce a fair value, our litigation support function provides our clients and their counsel with accurate and timely account documentation.

Our team has a proven track record of success and a remarkable history of unparalleled client satisfaction. Let our SWBC Ad Valorem Tax Advisors assess your property taxes and find out if you can save money on your business' property taxes.

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