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Auto Lending

Automated direct lending is for financial institutions looking for a simple and transparent loan process to capture qualified borrowers. With our mobile-optimized auto lending platform, AUTOPAY, your financial institution can access a turnkey solution to help reach out to this digital-first consumer during the car purchasing process.


Through AUTOPAY, customers can receive pre-qualified new purchase loan offers, pre-qualified refinance offers, and turnkey direct loan funding.

Increase Borrower Acquisition and Retention

We match new borrowers to your institution, decrease acquisition costs, and provide turnkey application forms in your funding package. 

Non-Interest Income Generation

As opposed to indirect lending where generally your financial institution misses out on point-of-sale revenue, AUTOPAY helps your institution gain the ability to earn non-interest income directly where borrowers are transacting every day, online and on mobile. 

Ease of Use

The entire AUTOPAY platform allows your financial institution complete integration capabilities of core processors and a white labeled product site; all completed without the need of your IT support team. 

Boost Wallet Share

AUTOPAY can help your institution increase wallet share by offering existing members pre-qualified loans for new vehicles and recapture vehicle loans via pre-qualified refinance offers for loans they may have at other institutions.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Our platform offers a fully online and mobile application, complete with DocuSign delivery, digital stipulation collection, and a team of highly trained loan specialists available to answer borrower questions and facilitate loan closings.

Using your institution’s lending criteria, we determine and deliver the best potential offers for new vehicle loans and refinance opportunities with our proprietary platform, which plugs seamlessly into most loan origination systems and delivers all applications in real time, with minimal staff involvement. 

By utilizing our customizable platform, established practices, as well as your institution’s knowledge of your customer-base, market, and lending needs, SWBC can provide you with a technology-based direct lending platform. 


Recapture Your Existing Borrowers

We utilize your lending guidelines to deliver pre-approved or pre-qualified offers to your existing members via email, phone, or direct mail—without affecting their credit score.

Gain Access to New Members

We provide pre-qualified loan offers to applicants looking for a new purchase or auto loan refinance opportunities online without affecting their credit score.

Financial Ecosystems

We give you access to millions of customers through AUTOPAY’s exclusive financial ecosystems like Credit Karma, NerdWallet, and many others.

Live Support

Working to build a digital relationship with new customers, AUTOPAY provides first-class service to borrowers through their loan application support center available seven days a week. 

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