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Estate Planning

When you hear the term “estate planning,” don’t dismiss the idea. If you own anything at all, you have an estate, and you should be the one to decide what happens to your property when you die or if you become unable to make decisions for yourself.

Your estate consists of your assets—your bank accounts, retirement accounts, life insurance, real estate, vehicles, business ownership/property, and personal property. An estate plan simply outlines how you wish for your property to be divided when the time comes. An estate plan also provides for your heirs to be cared for as you wish.

Without an estate plan, your state’s laws will dictate how your property is divided, and that court process will cost your loved ones time and money.

Direct Distribution of Your Assets and Care for Your Family

Name Heirs

Your estate plan names who will receive specific property you own and who will inherit ownership of your business or personal assets.

Divide a Business

If you’re a business owner, an estate plan will protect your ownership rights and determine future management of your business.

Provide Guardianship

If you have minor children, your estate plan will name guardians for your children, instruct how they should be cared for, and provide for their financial needs.

Reduce Taxes and Fees

Creating an estate plan ahead of time helps minimize taxes on your estate and legal fees that would be necessary without detailed instructions.

Choose SWBC forEstate Planning


SWBC advisors are experienced and equipped to help you navigate the estate planning process.


SWBC advisors have access to a variety of estate planning products and tools in the industry, including specialized products.


Your SWBC advisor will not only work with you to create an estate plan, but also coordinate with all parties involved so that working together your plan can be executed effectively.

It’s never too soon to consider your estate plan. Without it, the courts decide on care of your family members and distribution of the property you worked hard to accumulate. Your estate plan ensures that you control decisions for your family and assets, while saving significant time and legal fees by staying out of court.

Contact an advisor for help creating your estate plan today.

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