PowerBuy Equity Protection

PowerBuy® Equity Protection

For years, credit unions have been the preferred auto lender for many borrowers. Now, thanks to PowerBuy® Equity Protection, you can create a pipeline to generate repeat auto loan business while protecting borrowers from the effects of vehicle depreciation. PowerBuy Equity Protection is the win-win your financial institution and borrowers need during uncertain economic conditions.

*PowerBuy Equity Protection is not offered in Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maine, New York, North Dakota, 
Rhode Island, and Washington.

Deepen your borrowers’ Auto Loan Relationship

PowerBuy Equity Protection introduces the opportunity to increase member loyalty with a product that helps them with a loyalty benefit on their replacement vehicle loan after a total loss. 
Protect the vehicle's value against the impacts of depreciation, independent of GAP coverage.

PowerBuy Equity Protection can be sold up to one year after the date of vehicle purchase or refinance.

A borrower must return to your institution to finance their replacement vehicle to receive their benefit amount.

Depreciation coverage terms up to 60 months.

Easy Quoting with UNITY®

UNITY is our web-based platform your loan officers will access to quickly quote our point-of-sale products to your members.
Integrated with leading loan origination systems to streamline your lending workflow.
Our award-winning training consultants help your loan officers get to know the product and provide the necessary member-facing materials.
UNITY will easily adjust the loan amount and monthly payments after adding PowerBuy Equity Protection, or your member can pay for it separately from their loan.

Until recently, PowerBuy was only obtained by offering our best-in-class GAP with PowerBuy product. Thanks to feedback from financial institutions and market conditions, we’ve developed the standalone PowerBuy Equity Protection product you can offer your borrowers without the stress of worrying about switching GAP providers.

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