Residential Property Tax Protest Services | SWBC

Residential Property Tax Protest Services

Every year, homeowners receive a property tax appraisal with the assessed value of their home. With tax bills increasing year after year, homeowners are left with the decision of challenging the appraisal themselves or hiring a property tax service to file a protest on their behalf. SWBC Ad Valorem Tax Advisors can help you reduce the appraised value of your residence, lowering your annual tax bill.



Leverage Exemptions

An exemption can help reduce your residential property tax bill by removing a portion of the home’s value from the taxable amount. Partial and absolute exemptions are available, and knowing which you qualify to apply for and how to build the business case requires in-depth industry expertise — the kind that we proudly offer our clients.

Conduct Market Research and Analysis

Knowing what similar homes in your area are sold for, repair estimates, photos, and any other records you may have that show a devaluation of your home can help make the case to lower your property tax bill. Researching and pulling a list of these homes and their values can be time-consuming and tedious. Allow a property tax expert to file a protest on your behalf, saving you time and money.


Once a “Notice of Protest” has been filed, the appraisal district will send dates for a formal meeting with the Appraisal Review Board (ARB), however you can request an informal meeting with an appraiser to discuss your valuation prior to the formal hearing date. At the informal hearing, you may receive a reduced value proposal from the district that you can decide to accept or deny. If you deny the proposed reduced value, the formal hearing will be with the ARB. Once all questions have been answered and evidence presented, the ARB panel will determine a recommended final value. Partnering with a property tax advisor throughout this process give s you access to an expert team that has experience arguing cases to ARBs and having property values reduced.

Hire an Expert

Property values are continuously rising, so it’s not uncommon for residential property owners to see an increase in the appraised value of the residence each year, resulting in a higher tax bill. SWBC’s team of Ad Valorem Tax Advisors are here to help reduce the property tax values by aggressively protesting them at appeal hearings. We maintain a clear understanding of the local real estate market and the dynamics that effect its regulatory environment, including political, legal, administrative, and economic factors in Texas.


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By working with SWBC’s experienced property tax team, you will have an expert advocate by your side to help you throughout the property tax protest process.



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