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Commercial Flood and Excess Flood Insurance

Most business owners would name their company as their biggest asset and investment. Therefore, protecting that investment is imperative. While your commercial business insurance protects the value of your building and equipment against damage from most natural disasters, it will not cover losses from flooding, the most common natural disaster in the United States.

Purchasing commercial flood insurance is the only way to protect your business investments against water damage from multiple flood sources, including snow melt, hurricanes, tropical storms, storm surges, blocked storm drain systems, and malfunctions in levees or dams.


When a standard flood policy isn’t enough, we offer excess flood insurance that will provide additional coverage to protect your business assets.

Your Business Is at Risk

While some geographical areas are considered high risk for flooding, your business is at risk for flood water damage no matter where it’s located. Twenty percent of flood insurance claims come from low- to moderate-risk areas.

A Little Water Does a Lot of Damage

Even a tiny amount of water flooding into your doors is enough to destroy fixtures, equipment, and inventory. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), just one inch of flood water can cause $27,000 in property damage.

Insurance for Your Building and Contents

Commercial flood insurance covers up to $500,000 in damage to your company’s building and up to $500,000 in contents, including fixtures, furniture, supplies, and equipment. Even if you lease your space, commercial flood insurance is crucial for insuring the value of modifications you’ve made to the building and protecting your assets, equipment, and inventory.

When a natural disaster strikes, most businesses cannot recover. Make sure your business receives the financial assistance it needs with commercial flood insurance, the only way to protect your investment against our country’s most common natural disaster. Since commercial flood insurance must be in place for 30 days before submission of a claim, your business can’t afford to wait. Protect your investment and assets from the tremendous expense of flood water damage today.

Get the Excess Flood ProtectionYour Business Needs

When a standard flood policy isn’t enough, we offer excess flood insurance that will provide additional coverage to protect your business assets.

Additional Coverage

We offer coverage up to $5 million to rebuild properties valued above National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) limits.

Insurance for Your Property and Contents

Excess flood coverage can replace stand-alone contents valued above NFIP limits—up to $2 million in most states (maximum is $1 million for properties located in Florida).

Living Expenses

Excess flood coverage can provide funds for additional living expenses should your business become inoperable due to flood damage.

Business Interruption

Excess Flood can provide protection against business interruption if you’re unable to operate due to a flood including coverage for your business' lost profits, coverage for routine bills, expenses for a move to a temporary location, and more.

Work with an SWBC insurance agent to gain an advocate that is dedicated to ensuring your business is properly insured from the damaging effects of flooding. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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