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Payroll Services

Whether you have five or five hundred employees, managing payroll and leave requests can be a time-consuming process that requires a great attention to detail. SWBC PEO offers an efficient approach to processing payroll, approving time-off requests, and storing documents, no matter the business size or type. Our payroll services are customized to fit your business and the goals that matter most to you.

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Save Time and and Money

Easily manage, pay, and process reports in real time. And with the included support of our payroll experts, you won’t need a dedicated full-time employee.

Simple and Streamlined

Whether you’re on your mobile device, in the office, or at home, you can access our user-friendly platform to process payroll and view reporting at any time.

Secure and Reliable

Rest easy knowing our state-of-the-art payroll platform is equipped with the latest technology to protect, store, and create a safe place for all your employee data.

Stay Compliant and Avoid Penalties

Our payroll experts are up-to-date with the latest local and government regulations. We can help you process state and federal taxes, W-2s, and 1099s–correctly and efficiently.



Your staff will enjoy getting paid how they want– by check, direct deposit, or pay card.


Access your mobile-friendly platform to process payroll and view all reporting at any time.


You pay per-employee paycheck to process payroll–no more, no less!
Simplify, save time, and focus on your goals by partnering with SWBC for your payroll needs. Call us today at 866-792-2736 or click below to request a free consultation.

Engage SWBC PEOSo You Can Get Back to YOUR Business

Payroll services, HR assistance, health insurance, benefits administration, workers' compensation insurance, and loss control services are available as part of the SWBC PEO package.

As a business owner, managing day-to-day HR responsibilities can be time consuming, tedious, and take you away from what you love to do. From creating a smooth onboarding experience to processing payroll and remaining compliant with federal and state labor laws­, you need a partner you can trust to handle these complex HR tasks. SWBC PEO's dedicated HR team is ready to provide you comprehensive guidance and support to help you when you need it, so you can get back to what’s important—growing your business.

SWBC PEO understands the value your employees bring to your business. We partner with you to ensure that you are providing your employees and their families comprehensive health and ancillary benefits, and a 401(k) package that is equally important in recruiting and retaining a great staff. With the rise in medical costs and premiums each year, you need a partner that can customize a benefits package that fits your business, budget, and employees. We can offer access to all major medical plans, dental, vision, supplemental insurance, and a low-cost 401(k) program so you remain a competitive employer within your industry.

SWBC PEO payroll and employee tax services are flexible to fit the needs of your business. Whether you have five or 500 employees, we can customize our payroll and timekeeping services to give your employees immediate access to a secure web-based payroll software system, HR experts, and superior customer service.

SWBC PEO understands that every business carries its own unique risks and that accidents happen. As your partner, we can provide you the tools and resources you need to build a safe workplace. We can help provide on-site training to address specific needs your business is facing that’s more convenient and cost-effective than sending employees off-site to a training class that can typically be costly. All of our trainings are aligned with the latest state and federal laws, including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Our loss control experts are here to help minimize risks and keep you and your employees safe. 


"SWBC PEO really helped propel my business; I could not have one person do the job that SWBC PEO does for us.”

Kasey Hanlon
Franchise Owner, Salata Restaurants

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