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Executive Life & Disability

To attract, retain, and reward the best leaders for your company, you must offer compensation and benefits that go above and beyond what they’d find elsewhere. When it comes to life and disability insurance, that means creating protection plans that offer executives coverage in keeping with the lifestyle and success they’ve built over their careers.

While most standard group life and disability plans replace only a percentage of base salary and are subject to a monthly cap, executive life and disability insurance provides the higher level income and life insurance protection executives need to feel protected and valued in their employment.

Life and Disability Insurance ProtectionSpecifically for Executives’ Needs

Traditional group life and disability insurance leaves executives with a shortfall because their deferred compensation, bonuses, and other income are not calculated in the protection amount. Executive group life and disability insurance provides the supplemental benefits executives need and deserve.

Full Coverage

Unlike traditional group life and disability insurance, executive group life and disability insurance calculates benefits based on an executive’s total compensation, achieving the proper level of income replacement and lifestyle protection for a highly compensated employee.

Valuable Benefit

Your company pays the insurance premiums, providing a benefit your executives will value and creating an incentive to perform long term.

Simplified Enrollment

Most executive group life and disability insurance plans require no medical exam or questions, streamlining the enrollment process.

Tax Savings

Since proceeds and benefits paid from an executive group life insurance plan are not taxed, executives receive a tax-free benefit. Executive Disability Insurance benefits would be taxable if the premiums are paid by the company. Please consult with a tax advisor for tax advice or additional details.

With executive group life and disability insurance, your executives will know their income and lifestyle are protected properly. That peace of mind allows them to concentrate on leading your company to success and assures them there is no reason to look elsewhere for the benefits they desire and deserve.


Flexible Plan Designs

We’ll guide you in building the best plan from numerous options, including the choice of whether your executive group life and disability insurance will supplement benefits from an existing group life and disability program or stand alone.

Cover a Group or a Single Executive

Depending on the nature and size of your business, we’ll help you craft and set up a program that covers a single key executive or provides protection for all your executives as a group.

Your Company Stays in Control

Your company determines and controls coverage limits, benefit payment details, and all other aspects of your executive group life and disability program.

Work with SWBC's experienced wealth advisors today to craft an executive group life and disability plan that will meet the needs of your business and your key executives.

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