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Major Mechanical Protection (MMP)

Each year, vehicles become more advanced with computerized functionality, built-in applications, high- performing engines, and luxury features that, if damaged, could cost hundreds of dollars to repair. By adding warranty protection to your product offering, you could protect your auto loan borrowers from costly repairs while generating a stream of non-interest income for your financial institution. Major Mechanical Protection (MMP) makes it affordable for your borrowers to keep and enjoy their vehicles longer. They pay for the warranty once, and in most cases, will not have to pay for anything more than a small standard deductible should a breakdown occur. And best of all, the total cost of MMP is often far less than the cost of a single repair.

The average new car warranty expires in

As time goes on, the likelihood or a major mechanical breakdown increases.

SWBC MMP activity between 2015-2020

Paid-Out Claims

Number of Claims Paid



Our program integrates with the industry’s top Loan Origination Systems and offers simple product presentation and payment quoting options through UNITY ®, our proprietary, web-based platform designed to streamline the lending and cross-selling process for your loan officers. The application instantly pre-populates payments, allowing your borrowers to get an accurate forecast of the predicted payment with supplemental MMP coverage.


Our world-class trainers will assist you in the step-by-step process of launching this program at your institution and provide your loan officers with all of the training and materials you need to sell the extended warranty to your borrowers. With a combination of instructor-led and web-based e-learning training, your team will gain the product and sales knowledge they need—quickly and efficiently.


We can help you design a comprehensive marketing plan to align product promotion with your strategic initiatives. We will provide you with print and digital marketing materials such as brochures, plasma messaging, and a private-labeled website to help maximize lead generation. All of these materials can be used to promote, educate, and motivate your team.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our team is dedicated to making the implementation process as streamlined and fast as possible. We also offer scheduled business performance reviews to help with program effectiveness and attaining your financial goals, along with billing and administrative processes and live chat assistance.


Demand for self-service channels and the ability to purchase financial services online has exploded. SWBC's Digital Customer Experience (DiCE) online application allows your members to purchase Major Mechanical Protection (MMP) through a simple quoting and application process embedded on a website page of your choosing and accessed via desktop, tablet, or smartphone device. Watch our walkthrough video to learn more.

DiCE with MMPApplication Features and Benefits

  • Generate leads for vehicle service contracts when buyers are most interested
  • No loan requirement for purchase
  • Drive indirect borrowers to your website post-purchase
  • Expand engagement opportunities with buyers throughout the ownership journey
  • Capture additional revenue and create a 'sticky' borrower
  • Simple online integration (only three lines of code) for seamless member-facing experience
  • Fully integrated with UNITY—SWBC’s proprietary lending product delivery and administration platform
  • Self-service point-of-sale with the opportunity to generate non-interest income 24x7x365 from your website
  • Optimal coverage selection
  • Personalized, mobile-friendly, responsive design

To schedule a DiCE demo, call 866-316-1162 or complete the form below.

Are you an individual looking for MMP coverage?
Contact your lender directly for options.


Key Fob Coverage

Tire and Wheel


Limited Powertrain


Vehicle Return


Paintless Dent


Windshield Repair


Trip Interruption Coverage





  • Accepted in most licensed repair facilities in the U.S. and Canada
  • Generate non-interest income
  • Seamless implementation process guided by a dedicated SWBC representative
  • We provide training and materials for your loan officers
  • Your institution will gain access to UNITY®, our proprietary quoting tool
  • Enhances your auto portfolio protection

Since new car warranties don’t last forever and vehicle repairs are inevitable, give your auto loan borrowers coverage they can count on, with MMP from SWBC.

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Are you an individual looking for MMP coverage?
Contact your lender directly for options.


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