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Outsourced Collections

Collecting on delinquent accounts requires a substantial human capital investment, an investment in technology, and expertise in compliance. Outsourced Collections can help your financial institution more effectively manage delinquency and reduce the cost of your collection efforts. A scalable collections program allows your institution to determine what is best for your overall strategy. From completely outsourcing the service, partially outsourcing, or anywhere in between, you need a program you can trust to reduce costs while keeping delinquencies to a minimum.


Extend Your Collection Hours

Our certified collectors contact your borrowers during peak evening and weekend hours, extending your institution’s operation time without the additional overhead costs.


We pride ourselves on support. Our OneTeam service platform offers support via web, chat, email, and phone. The team closely monitors service level agreements to ensure all support requests meet the established response times.

Flexible Collection Options

We serve your institution through early- and mid-stage collections.

Focused on Quality

Our staff undergoes rigorous training to ensure we treat your borrowers with respect. The training curriculum includes negotiation strategies, security awareness, and compliance monitoring—including UDAAP trigger words and suspicious activity. We work together with your institution to establish service standards and work hard to meet and/or exceed expectations.

We offer a scalable solution that saves our outsourced collections clients an average of 35-50% annually when compared to in-house efforts.

Contact us today to learn how our flexible, compliant, cost-effective service could help your institution lower delinquencies and cut your collections costs.


Due to our dedication to technology and our clients, we can work with any client to build custom automation using FTP technology that sends files back and forth on a regular basis. Some of our current integrations include:

Client Testimonials

“There were a few motivators for choosing AutoPilot, including calls are made after-hours and weekends, it uses better technology to streamline the collection process, and we gain access to an experienced dedicated collection staff. In addition, AutoPilot was a lower cost alternative to hiring or replacing internal employees."
Steve Plotkin
VP of Collections, FAIRWINDS CU
“We are able to analyze the trend of delinquencies of each of our products by creating a specific work list, queues, and reports that we can generate from the AutoPilot software. If one product needs more attention, we are able to change the parameters and focus on those specific products within seconds.”
Marvel Ford
FVP and Risk Management Officer, California Credit Union

HFCU has been an SWBC partner for 5 years. We needed collection resources and strategy support. SWBC stepped in to support early stage delinquency performing month over month at a high level. SWBC is truly a variable expense and not fixed! Good fit for HFCU!

John Phipps
Chief Lending Officer, Heritage Federal Credit Union

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