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Credit Life, Disability, and Involuntary Unemployment

Add value to your borrowers’ financial portfolio with a credit insurance program from SWBC. There are a variety of customized credit insurance programs available to suit your financial institution’s specific needs including credit life, credit disability, and credit involuntary unemployment insurance (IUI)*. When unexpected circumstances like job loss, disability, or even death occur to one of your borrowers, their loan premiums will be covered for a specified amount of time and/or be paid off in full depending on their coverage.

*Texas Only

Add Value & Build RelationshipsWith Credit Life, Disability, and Involuntary Unemployment

Offer borrowers protection from the unexpected.

Generate non-interest income

Our payment protection program rates can easily be incorporated into many loan-payment quoting tools, making it easy for 100% presentation at the point of sale.

Mitigate default risk

Minimize loan write-offs, save money from delinquent loans, and improve your bottom line.

Build stronger relationships with a unique, value-added benefit

Offer your borrowers affordable coverage that is conveniently included in their payment, plus provide them with a Funeral Concierge benefit at no cost!

Credit life, disability, and involuntary unemployment offers protection for your borrowers, and it also helps your financial institution manage default risk. Credit life, disability, and involuntary unemployment is also a great way to generate non-interest income and improve your bottom line.

SWBC Life Insurance Company is the only credit life manufacturer in Texas that can offer involuntary unemployment insurance to lenders through a credit insurance master policy. All other manufacturers offer IUI through a debt cancellation plan which lacks the protection of insurance.

Credit Life OffersProtection to Your Borrowers and Your Financial Institution


Competitive Rates


Fast and Efficient Claims Process


Turnkey Program Implementation with Robust Training


Monthly Production Reports


By partnering with SWBC, you can provide a safety net for your borrowers, generate additional income for your financial institution, and strengthen your member relationships. For more information on implementing a customized credit insurance program at your institution, contact us today.

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