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Valuation Services

Accurate and timely property valuation information is critical in the lending decision-making process. Underwriters are forced to spend valuable time and resources sourcing multiple valuation vendors to obtain quality reports.

From property condition inspection reports to full appraisals, you can reduce the time your staff spends gathering valuation reports while staying compliant with ever-changing federal and state regulations.



Our full-service, nationwide Appraisal Management Company (AMC) ensures you have access to competitively priced valuations that are fast, accurate, and compliant.


You can choose from a full suite of valuation options including appraisals, broker price opinions, hybrid valuation products, property inspection condition reports, and automated valuation models.


All valuations and appraisals are fully compliant with federal and state regulations.


We provide our clients with a dedicated team that will arrange weekly meetings to monitor processes, deliver customized reports, and provide training and mentorship.

Built off of our vast experience in valuations, we have assembled a suite of products that are designed and process-engineered to meet the turnaround time and compliance needs of the mortgage industry.


Accurate property value information is key to minimizing lending risk. For efficient, accurate valuation options that keep your financial institution fully compliant, rely on SWBC’s suite of valuation services.


Working with a fully vetted panel of licensed and certified appraisers that provide nationwide coverage, our Appraisal Management Company offers traditional appraisals, commercial appraisals, FHA compliant appraisals, reverse mortgage specialty, and reconciliations.

Valuation Warranty Solutions

Reduce risk by adding insurance coverage from an A.M. Best A-rated carrier which provides additional assurance that you mitigate potential financial loss due to inaccurate property valuation.

Broker Price Opinions (BPOs)

Ideal for use in default servicing and lending communities. Each BPO is completed by a local real estate expert and reviewed in-house by a trained quality control team.

Property Inspection Condition Reports (PICRs)

An assessment of the property's current condition and neighborhood, concluded by an on-site inspection.

Hybrid Valuation Products

A cost-effective gap solution that pairs a property and neighborhood inspection with a streamlined desktop report, completed and signed by a geographically competent, licensed appraiser.

Portfolio Analytics

Data and metrics related to asset valuation, risk, compliance, and trends.

Our valuation service bundles seamlessly with our other real estate lending products, including verification services, flood determinations, and title/lien position. It is quick to set up and will allow you to have one contract with only one bill—all while remaining compliant. Contact us to learn more.



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