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Payment Processing

When it comes to payment processing and acceptance, the evolving financial services industry forces financial institutions to balance consumer trends, compliance, and technology investments in order to remain competitive and relevant.

However, a great enterprise payments platform is more than convenience for your borrowers. It should also be easy to use for your staff and eliminate the need to switch between multiple programs to enter, originate, and track loan payments, account funding, and other transfer activity. Your financial institution needs an enterprise payments platform that improves efficiency and streamlines your operations while offering an intuitive user experience for your borrowers and accountholders.

SWBC Payment services powers more than 800 financial institutions across the country, processing $4 billion in payments, and 9.2 million transactions per year.

Payment Acceptance and Processing that’sSimplified, Integrated, and Scalable to You

Our program expands your ability to originate, track, and process ACH and card-based payments.

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Multichannel Payment Options

Our borrower-facing portal, BACON Loan Pay, provides a variety of channels for your borrowers to make their loan payments including, desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices. Borrowers can make payments via automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or at one of 40,000 MoneyGram® locations nationwide.

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Expanded Uses

Beyond loan payment acceptance, our robust, user-friendly payments platform allows you to fund new accounts, transfer CD deposits, and accept card payments.

Settlement Solutions

Securely and quickly transmitting settlement data offers flexibility around funding. Through our partner integrations, your batch files will get back to your financial institution for quick reconciliation and posting.

AutoPilot® Platform

Payment clients gain access to our scalable and efficient processing solution. Using SWBC's exclusive AutoPilot® web portal, you will benefit from advanced technology which integrates all the services you need to effectively manage your payments program and beyond. Our AutoPilot platform enables us to incorporate multiple business applications such as collections systems, account-opening systems and core systems. AutoPilot gives your team the freedom to quickly view detailed reporting, status details, settlement reports, and current transmittals.

Learn more about our AutoPilot Risk Management Platform

Unusual Activity Monitoring

We understand the importance of monitoring and knowing the activity being processed through our payments technology. Our in-house compliance team monitors and informs your institution if any unusual activity is spotted during the transaction process. Our team reviews transactional data daily to look for trends and identify suspicious activity. This service is exclusive to SWBC's payments clients.

“With SWBC Payments Platform, we've seen an 80%+ switch from agent-aided payments to online payments.” 


Payment CommunicationPayprompt®

Text payment reminders can help cut through the communications clutter to reach borrowers directly on their mobile device. 

Your borrower receives a text message at various intervals either before or after delinquency. The message includes a link to your mobile-friendly payment portal. The link allows them to quickly make a payment so they stay out of collections and to ensure your institution receives its loan payment. 

PayPrompt is available for all loan types and seamlessly integrates with our Payments and Outsourced Collections services. Message timing and frequency can all be customized to meet your financial institution's needs.

We provide detailed reporting so you can evaluate the success of the messages.

Following compliance and privacy acts, our PayPrompt service adheres to TCPA standard and performs phone scrubs to exclude restricted numbers from receiving messages. 

Accepting Paymentsfor Today's Customers

Multichannel Payments Approach

Improving the customer experience for your financial institution means offering products and services in the channels and space your borrowers use most. That's why we've built quality solutions to expand your existing mobile, desktop, and IVR-based self-services channels. Additionally, we have tailored screens for your employees or agents to accept payments over live phone calls. Regardless of channel, we make it easy for your organization to audit and reconcile payments through a single platform. 

Powerful Technology

Technology is at the heart of what we do and how we deliver a Payments product that meets the needs of your institution. SWBC has invested significant time and resources on researching and developing the latest in payments technology so our clients have the most advanced tools to better serve its customers. We believe in this intersection of technology and service so much that it is at the core of our company's mission. 

Helping Your Compliance Program

You need a payment processing provider that takes compliance seriously. Our dedicated compliance team helps us ensure our product adheres to applicable regulatory requirements. Our application helps with sending required notifications to consumers and provides disclosure scripting for payments made over live calls. We regularly conduct internal audits of our self-service applications for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 AA adherence to help ensure users with accessibility concerns are supported. 

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NACHA Preferred Partner

Through our delivery and leadership of innovative product offerings within the payments industry, SWBC was designated a NACHA Preferred Partner for ACH Facilitated Lending Services. SWBC joins an exclusive group of only a dozen organizations who've earned the designation. 

By partnering with SWBC, your financial institution can feel confident your payments provider has been independently verified as a trusted service provider


"SWBC's Payments solution provides our accountholders the self-service tools they need to quickly and conveniently manage loan payments. The ease and convenience of recurring payments is a great tool for delinquency management."

Dana Jaramillo
Credit Relations Manager, Rio Grande Credit Union
“SWBC Payments has allowed us to better service our members through the multichannel use of our website, digital channels, and contact centers.”

Kristi Kenworthy
Assistant Vice President of Ecommerce, USALLIANCE Financial

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