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AutoPilot® Risk Management Platform

Managing your institution’s loan portfolio risk and collections can be difficult, disconnected, and inefficient. It can require multiple software systems, vendors, departments, and customer interactions, putting a burden on your staff and slowing down productivity.

The AutoPilot suite of software and services is a cohesive, mobile-friendly, browser-based platform that can help your institution efficiently manage your loan portfolio risk and operations. Our technology combines everything you need for insurance tracking, payment processing, collections, and asset recovery into one simplified dashboard. 

AutoPilot Benefits forFinancial Institutions

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

Dedicated Compliance and Quality Assurance Teams

Client Support Team

Automated Task Capabilities

The AutoPilot software successfully integrates multiple solutions into one platform–so much so that 92% of our clients are now utilizing multiple SWBC products!

Multiple SolutionsOne Platform

Our full-scale solution can work with loan portfolios of any size and is paced to keep up with the demands of an evolving industry. 

With the combination of our account retention services and AutoPilot technology, we offer an effective solution to resolve overdrawn/delinquent accounts and re-engage members. Our account retention module will allow your staff to track progress of all overdrawn accounts and quickly view reports in a customizable dashboard.  

Collection efforts play a crucial role in every institution’s financial health. Whether you need an in-house solution to supplement your existing collections, a fully outsourced collection solution, or something in between, we can customize a plan to help you reach your goals! Designed with collectors in mind, our collections module has a proven track record of reducing collection costs, deficiency balances, and overall delinquency, while increasing productivity, ROI, and collection cure rates. 

Through the AutoPilot portal, your institution can monitor all aspects of your lender-placed program in real-time. Our innovative portal focuses on delivering convenience and efficiency to your staff through easy to use tools. You can review performance of SLA’s, run reports, research loan-level details, and retrieve call recordings and letters, all from our user-friendly platform. 

The asset recovery module was created to streamline your vehicle recovery, reconditioning, remarketing process, and maximize the return on your assets all from one portal. Included in the portal is access to our network of trusted partners, which include repossession agents and auction facilities—allowing your staff to initiate and track repossession requests through one application. The real-time view in your dashboard will provide you with up-to-date information on recovery cases, workflow history, and all account activity.  

Our payment processing module provides your staff and borrowers with a convenient and effective payments solution. Borrowers have the ability to make loan payments via cash, card, or ACH through multiple channels, while giving your staff an organized way to accept those payments. The AutoPilot platform will give your staff transparency across all payment channels through unusual activity monitoring and alerts, as well as full access to borrower and payment details. 

Our CPI program is embedded in the AutoPilot portal and is designed to improve the productivity of your risk management program. Through one single portal, your staff can initiate and track claims, modify borrower information, generate quotes, review letters, and follow all loan details. The CPI module will empower your staff with the tools and data to manage your institutions' risk. 

AutoPilot has become the preferred loan portfolio risk management software for lenders across the country and solves many of the problems institutions face today. Request a demo today to get first hand insight on how AutoPilot can improve the experience of your financial institution and your borrowers.

Robust Reporting

Comprehensive reporting is key to effectively managing your loan portfolios and collection efforts. AutoPilot features a variety of reporting options, and includes the ability to automatically generate and send customizable reports to key decision makers. Your staff can also view performance charts on your dashboard, giving you a quick status report of how your program is operating.

autopilot reporting 2.png

AutoPilotBenefits for Financial Institutions

Cloud Technology

Our cloud-based technology eliminates the need for expensive software and support subscriptions and cuts the need for bulky servers. Any maintenance updates or activities are completed by our team—reducing the burden on your internal IT team. Our team will also provide continuous technical and strategic support and will configure our software based on your institution’s needs.  


We partner with leading, trusted vendors in the industry to bring you a simplified experience. By working together with our chosen vendors we are able to seamlessly incorporate our products into your institution—while also expanding the amount of data and resources your staff will have access to through one single portal. Our team continues to build relationships with third-party systems in order to bring AutoPilot users a powerful and unique experience.

AutoPilot IncludesFirst-Class Support

With four layers of support, you and your staff will have teams of individuals whose mission is to ensure your risk management programs are running efficiently—at no additional cost to your business. 

Live Support

Available through chat, email, and phone, M-F, 7AM-8PM CST.


Online ticketing system with a self-serve knowledge base to get the help you need, quickly. 

One-on-One Service

Account VP's and Account Manager's—provide ongoing consultation and strategic support and training. 

Network Operations Center

Our in-house IT team monitor all system software 24/7.

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