Call Center Services

Study after study concludes that even in today’s digital age, consumers want the ability to talk to a live representative. An Ernst & Young survey revealed that while 82% of bank consumers go online first to research a product and 59% need to speak to someone to get advice or take up a new banking product.

When a customer needs help during the loan process—before, during, or after—having live representatives to help your borrowers is paramount. Unfortunately, employing in-house staff to handle calls efficiently and effectively increases your expenses and affects your bottom line. Outsourcing some or all of your call center needs is a reasonable option than can save your institution time and energy without sacrificing quality.


Through scripting and service level agreements our call center staff are in lock-step with your financial institution’s brand and customer service standards.

Omni-Channel Experience

Financial institutions looking to provide multiple channels to reach and support their customers can add outsourced call center services to their list of consumer-facing avenues.

Go Beyond Traditional Business Hours

Digital avenues allow for your borrowers to access their information from just about anywhere, but when they need live support, call center solutions provides additional operational time, even beyond the traditional business hours.

Unburden Your Staff

Often times, financial institutions have staff filling multiple roles. Let your loan specialists focus on reviewing and generating loans and outsource overflow loan calls or the entire loan support process to our trained representatives.

Flexible Solution

When using outsourced call center services, you find comfort knowing that you can easily scale the level of support your institution needs. Our call centers can quickly adjust to increased support due to a new loan campaign, or an influx of new members.
SWBC’s Call Center Services Solutions serve more than 150 financial institutions across the country. Our clients trust us to handle their call activity from overflow to complete outsourcing. Through established service level standards, our program consistently meets or exceeds agreed upon specifications. 

We know that compliance is extremely important to your institution. Our representatives are fully trained to not only meet your institution’s service needs, but are trained to comply with the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act), Reg-B, Reg-Z, and applicable lending laws. 


Accept Loan Payments

Welcome Calls

Notification of Security Breaches

Outbound Surveys

Post-Closing Interview for High-Risk Loans

Post-Closing Verifications of Employment

Recurring Payment Enrollment Campaigns

Customized Solutions

Leverage our staff and resources to extend your institution's business hours and provide excellent customer service to your consumers. Contact us to learn more about our Call Center Solutions. 

Client Testimonial

“SWBC representatives’ interaction with our [consumers] is transparent. SWBC maintains our financial institution’s high service level expectations.”
Bill Kishton
FirstLight Federal Credit Union

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