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MPOWER+ Vehicle Return Protection

This year has been a time of upheaval for individuals, businesses, and financial institutions. As the country begins to recover from the financial fallout over the coronavirus pandemic, consumer confidence is suffering. With MPOWER+ Vehicle Return Protection, your financial institution can offer borrowers a much-needed sense of financial security during troubled times. You’ll simultaneously attract additional loan volume for your institution and enhance borrower loyalty by being there for them when they need it most.

The first and only program of its kind, MPOWER+ Vehicle Return Protection gives your borrowers the peace of mind that if they run into hard times, they can return their vehicle and walk away from their loan while keeping their savings accounts and credit rating intact. Offering this option to your borrowers can help increase confidence in their long-term financial security and will encourage them to build a long-lasting relationship with your institution, allowing you to enhance your risk management efforts while increasing borrower loyalty and generating non-interest income for your financial institution.

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Support your borrowers through hard times and generate non-interest income for your financial institution

Benefits to Your Financial Institution

  • Attract additional loan volume
  • Capture greater market share in the upcoming months as the country recovers from challenging economic times
  • Stimulate greater borrower loyalty and satisfaction
  • Mitigate risk over auto loan defaults

Benefits to Your Borrowers

  • Provides a sense of security in today’s uncertain world
  • Offers much-needed financial options in a time of need
  • Assists in preserving borrowers’ credit rating
  • Covers all account holders regardless of age, health, or employment record

How itWorks

The MPOWER+ Vehicle Return program covers loans for a period of up to 84 months with a maximum finance amount of $75,000 on all new or used vehicles, empowering borrowers to walk away from their loan and keep their credit rating intact.

Covered qualifying events include involuntary unemployment, physical disability, loss of driver’s license due to medical impairment, self-employed personal bankruptcy, or accidental death.

Once the benefit has been approved, the value of the vehicle must be appraised by the dealership. The dealer estimate is based on NAR Black Book and NADA Yellow Book.

The borrower must be current on payments.

The borrower returns the vehicle to the dealership. The dealership remits monies for the assessed value, and remarkets the value of the vehicle.

The program provides benefit payment for negative equity up to $7,500, along with a check for the vehicle from the dealership.

The loan balance is satisfied in full. The account holder is now relieved of his or her financial investment and associated negative impact on credit.

The borrower trusts you with their next auto loan when they get back on their feet.

SWBC’s MPOWER+ Vehicle Return Protection offers financial security for your borrowers while helping your institution manage risk, generate non-interest income, and increase borrower loyalty. Start empowering your borrowers and generating income today with SWBC’s MPOWER+ Vehicle Return Protection Program.

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In an age of economic uncertainty and lowered consumer confidence, borrowers may be hesitant about taking out a new auto loan. The MPOWER+ Vehicle Return Protection program will give your borrowers the peace of mind they need when it comes to purchasing a vehicle.
Available for new and used vehicles
Available to everyone, regardless of age, health, or employment status
Provides a safety net for borrowers’ second largest purchase, next to their home
No health questions or physical required


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