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Transaction Enablement

SWBC Payments is an all-in-one payments platform bringing payment simplicity throughout your entire financial institution. You don’t have to become an expert in multiple payment platforms to serve separate functions.

Our goal is to bring your institution an ACH and card acceptance payments tool that makes it easier for your borrowers and account holders to do business with you, plain and simple.

Solving your organization’s payments needs withRobust Payments Program Features

In-person and digital payments

Text payment reminders

ACH and card-based payments

Seamless integration with your organization

Fraud and compliance focused

Built for account holder and customer convenience

Self-Serve payments through web and mobile application

Multiple settlement options available

Client portal available for front- and back-office staff

Round the clock support for your business

Our Transaction Growth

Payments Processed:

Total Clients:

Payment Transactions:

Self-Serve Payments

Provide payment options across multiple channels including phone, text, desktop, tablet, and smartphone devices.

Compliant and Secure Payments

We go through extensive audits and measures to keep compliant and secure transaction data.

Faster Payment Exchange

Reduce borrower inquiries with our Connect2Core fast payment technology.

AutoPilot® Risk Management Platform

Consolidate and use a single platform for payments, CPI, and Collections.

A versatile payments processing solutionfor your entire enterprise

New Account Funding

Fee Collection

Loan Payments


Are you a payments stakeholder?Find out how SWBC Payments will benefit your department

Whether you’re in the C-suite, collections team, lending, or beyond, SWBC Payments offers something for all stakeholders across your entire financial institution.

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With a strong payment acceptance program across multiple channels, your contact center will enjoy reduced call volumes, less payment-related inquiries, and give your team the opportunity to focus on other business functions for your financial institution.

As a senior leader at a financial institution, we know you care about serving your members and watching the bottom line. That’s why we’ve designed SWBC Payments in a way that makes it faster and easier for your account holders to do business with you. An enterprise-wide platform, like SWBC Payments, will help streamline account opening and funding, resulting in member growth; make it easier to collect on delinquent accounts, resulting in higher collection rates; and make it easier for your employees to do their jobs, resulting in greater efficiency.

Leading a collection team is all about helping borrowers when they’re behind on a payment, reaching right-party contacts, and collecting funds. SWBC Payments has been at the core of hundreds of collections teams because our program easily integrates with popular core systems and streamlines the payment-acceptance process. Whether your borrower pays in-person, by phone, desktop, tablet, or smartphone, SWBC Payments helps your collections agents…collect!

SWBC takes compliance and security very seriously. Our payments audits go beyond best practices, and our security team maintains multiple levels of protection to keep your data safe. Our compliance and security officers are some of the most seasoned professionals in the business providing their expertise so you can feel peace of mind with a secure payments program.

SWBC Payments and its borrower-facing Bacon Loan Pay application was created from the ground up with the end-user experience in mind. Our payment acceptance and processing platform makes it easier for borrowers and account holders to do business with your financial institution–from end-to-end. SWBC Payments is a simple and easy solution for your borrowers to navigate.

SWBC Payments technical staff administer all of the ongoing management of usability, accessibility, security, and compliance. This leaves your financial institution’s staff to focus on serving your account holders.

Whether or not you have a strong direct or indirect lending program, SWBC Payments and the Bacon Loan Pay to Omnichannel Payments portal is a way to introduce borrowers to your financial institution. With our simple-to-use payments interface, your borrowers enjoy a seamless payments experience. And, with tools like PayPrompt™ that you can add to your payment program, you can send out payment reminders via text for borrowers to complete their payments all from their smartphones.

“With SWBC Payments Platform, we've seen an 80%+ switch from agent-aided payments to online payments.”—AMOCO FCU


Payment AcceptanceChannels



Customer Representative


"SWBC's Payments solution provides our accountholders the self-service tools they need to quickly and conveniently manage loan payments. The ease and convenience of recurring payments is a great tool for delinquency management."

Dana Jaramillo
Credit Relations Manager, Rio Grande Credit Union
“SWBC Payments has allowed us to better service our members through the multichannel use of our website, digital channels, and contact centers.”

Kristi Kenworthy
Assistant Vice President of Ecommerce, USALLIANCE Financial

Reach Individuals on the GoPayment Text Solutions

Text communications is one of the fastest forms of communication today. Text payment reminders help cut through the communications clutter to reach your borrowers and customers directly on their mobile device and proactively keep them from becoming delinquent.

How it Works

Your borrower receives a text message at various intervals either before or after delinquency. The message includes a link to your mobile-friendly payment portal. The link allows them to quickly make a payment so they stay out of collections and to ensure your institution receives its loan payment.


We provide detailed reporting so you can evaluate the success of the messages.

Compatibility and Customization

PayPrompt is available for all loan types and seamlessly integrates with our Payments and Outsourced Collections services. Message timing and frequency can all be customized to meet your financial institution's needs.

Compliance in Mind

Following compliance and privacy acts, our PayPrompt service adheres to TCPA standard and performs phone scrubs to exclude restricted numbers from receiving messages.

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Bolstering our established reputation as a trusted financial services firm and provider of payment solutions, we build relationships with prominent organizations so you feel confident in our well-rounded payments program.

NACHA Preferred Partner

Through our delivery and leadership of innovative product offerings within the payments industry, SWBC was designated a NACHA Preferred Partner for ACH Facilitated Lending Services. SWBC joins an exclusive group of only a dozen organizations that have earned the designation.

Symitar VIP Member

SWBC is a VIP member with Symitar’s core system for our Payments and Collateral Protection Insurance services. We’ve earned this designation because our systems have been tested thoroughly and our integrations with Symitar are fully operational.

Our Integrations

Creating integrations into leading core platforms and technologies gives our payments platform the flexibility to serve the needs of your financial institution. With the help of client feedback and an ongoing application roadmap, our teams continue to develop new integrations to drive your operational efficiencies.

Home Banking

Digital Insight
FiServ Corillian
Lumin Digital
Tyfone (In-progress)

New Account Opening

Avoka (Coming Soon)
Q2/Gro (In-progress)

Texting Solutions


Collections Systems

MeridianLink (In-progress)



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