SWBC Insurance Services Success Story | Reyes Automotive

An Insurance Services Success Story: Reyes Automotive Group

Reyes Automotive Group is an onsite supplier for Toyota Motor Manufacturing in San Antonio, Texas. Jason Reyes and the Reyes Automotive Group have been through challenging times before. During the Great Recession in 2008 and subsequent economic downturn, automotive manufacturing came to a halt for over three months. So, when COVID-19 and government stay-at-home orders swept across the U.S., the Reyes team knew it was critical that they take the lessons from previous downturns and focus on their most important resource—their team members.

The Problem: Hurdles to Overcome

In the initial mayhem of the virus’ impact, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was in short supply, and first responders and front line healthcare workers did not have access to the critical equipment that they needed in order to treat the sick. Reyes and his team saw this as an opportunity to pivot their operations to keep their team members working and engaged, while meeting the needs of the community.

The Solution: Facing the Challenge Head On

Realizing there was a need for PPE, and they had the skillset and facilities to serve the local community, Reyes Automotive rose to the challenge and began producing medical face shields. Within 24 hours they were able to create a prototype. Utilizing their supply chain knowledge, they scaled up production of medical face shields from a few hundred per day to more than 25,000 face shields per day.

Proactive Partner Support: Providing Proper Insurance Coverage

Proper commercial insurance coverage is critical for businesses, and the type and amount of coverage needed is based on several different factors, one of which is industry. So, when Reyes Automotive transitioned from producing automotive parts to PPE, little did they know, their commercial insurance coverage needed to be adjusted. Fortunately, their insurance agency, SWBC, proactively stepped in to adjust their liability coverage and ensure their business was protected.

The fallout of unsuitable insurance coverage is difficult to quantify, but could’ve been detrimental should Reyes had needed to file a claim. Luckily, with a partner like SWBC on their side, Reyes didn’t have to find out. Knowing that insurance coverage was one less thing he needed to think about was a great relief to Reyes and his team. It gave them a sense of security, and it allowed them to focus on what mattered most—their team members and providing much-needed PPE for the medical community.

“Running a million miles an hour, thinking about a lot of different things, and insurance coverage was not one of them. That’s when I received a phone call from SWBC telling me don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.”

Jason Reyes
Reyes Automotive Group

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