SWBC Payments Success Story | USAlliance Financial

A Payments Success Story: USAlliance Financial

Learn how SWBC Payments helped USAlliance increase payment volume by 43%.

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Through their partnership with SWBC Payments, USAlliance was able to redirect more than 3,000 inbound calls per month to their self-service web application.

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    Positive consumer experiences and a 43% increase in payment volume over three years
    Successfully redirected more than 3,000 calls per month to the self-service web application
    Payments posted directly to the loan, settling all payment channels through a single source
    Assurance that all payments are processed in adherence with NACHA guidelines
    End-to-end USALLIANCE-branded experience for the user, from initial visit through completion of a transaction


“One of the biggest challenges USALLIANCE faced was providing our members with an effortless method to pay their monthly loan payments,” said Kristi Kenworthy, AVP of eCommerce at USALLIANCE.

With a significant portion of their consumer lending portfolio originating from indirect channels, USALLIANCE experienced challenges related to supporting these borrowers. When it came to payment remittance, delayed settlement and posting and slow return notifications were common challenges for USALLIANCE. Given the institution’s focus on innovation and technology, USALLIANCE recognized the need to provide their members with the ability to make payments in an easy and convenient way without any settlement delays.

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In order to meet the evolving needs of consumers, support their growing indirect portfolio, and keep pace with strides being made in the FinTech space, USALLIANCE was eager to offer their borrowers a web-based payments tool. As their marketing and web development teams began to imagine the features and build out the structure of a new payment center, their EFT group was tasked with finding a reliable partner that could process these transactions in a secure and efficient way. After attending a financial services conference, the team began the discovery process and ultimately decided to partner with SWBC, utilizing their Payments program to power a new payment center.

Today, the USALLIANCE Payment Center—powered by SWBC Payments—is an easy, fast, and secure way for borrowers to pay their loans online through USALLIANCE’s home banking system or mobile banking application.

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“SWBC Payments has allowed us to better service our members through the multi-channel use of our website, digital channels, and contact centers.”

–Kristi Kenworthy, Assistant Vice President of eCommerce, USAlliance.


The Payment Center is hosted by USALLIANCE—allowing their team to gather more comprehensive data on a visitor’s journey, including transaction activity. Full reports related to the settlement and posting of transactions are available through SWBC Payments. This comprehensive reporting enables USALLIANCE to quickly and easily access important details like the status or source of a payment, as well as a higher-level rollup of all payment activity over a period of time.

SWBC Payments offers consistent settlement across all channels. Felecia Hudson, AVP of EFT and Card Services, ATM, and Imaging at USALLIANCE, observes that, through the automated same-day posting file provided by SWBC Payments, the credit union achieves “a uniform way of treating all loan payments to ensure the effective date of payments would be the same date as the transaction.”

SWBC Payments has helped USALLIANCE significantly reduce processing time and inbound calls to their contact center. “With the deployment of the Payment Center, we were able to successfully redirect more than 3,000 calls per month to the self-service web application,” Kenworthy says. Members are also very satisfied with this new and improved payment service. Previously, members would have to speak to a representative to make a payment, but now they can take advantage of the digital payment channels and do it themselves without incurring a fee.

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