SWBC Employee Benefits Consulting Group Success Story | LiftFund

An Employee Benefits Consulting Group Success Story: LiftFund

LiftFund is a non-profit organization that lends to small businesses that cannot receive loans from traditional banks. LiftFund provides small businesses with a number of resources to help their businesses grow and thrive, stimulating the local economy. When COVID-19 and the subsequent government shut down swept in, LiftFund’s clients felt a tremendous impact. Many of the small businesses that LiftFund serves were considered nonessential, so they had to close their doors.

As a non-profit, on any given day, LiftFund is already stretched thin from a human capital and financial resource standpoint. After the shutdown, LiftFund’s operational workload increased by 400%. While small businesses were shutting down, LiftFund became an essential business and the largest distributor of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding for the city of San Antonio and Bexar County. Not only was LiftFund’s staff working weekdays, they were working weekends to get the money into the hands of small businesses that were hurting because of the shutdown.

Serving the Community While Serving Their Staff

LiftFund’s purpose is to serve the small business community, and ensure their staff is taken care of. To provide affordable and robust health and retirement benefits to their staff, LiftFund leans on SWBC Employee Benefits Consulting Group. LiftFund provides their employees with robust healthcare and retirement benefits—something that is not always common in the non-profit sector.

“Annually, LiftFund goes through our employee healthcare benefit enrollment like everyone else. This year though, we were notified that we were going to have a 25% increase in our insurance plan cost. We leaned on SWBC for some strategic guidance, and, of course, they came to the rescue.”

Janie Barrera
Founder and CEO, LiftFund

Cost-Effective Employee Benefits Solutions

Initially, the cost of their healthcare benefits was going to increase more than 25%, an increase they simply couldn’t manage. They relied on SWBC to leverage their deep relationships within the insurance marketplace in order to find like-for-like benefits that only resulted in only a small price increase—allowing LiftFund to absorb the cost instead of having to redistribute it to their already-overburdened staff.

“Having SWBC in our corner enabled LiftFund to focus on our mission of helping the small business community in San Antonio.”

Janie Barrera
Founder and CEO, LiftFund

About SWBC Employee Benefits Consulting Group

SWBC Employee Benefits Consulting Group is a team of strategic leaders in the health insurance and benefits industry. They provide innovative solutions to healthcare cost-drivers through their collaborative, consultative approach, allowing their consultants to deliver tailored plans to fit any company’s budget and positively impact their organization’s culture.

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