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Real Estate Investor Insurance

As a real estate investor, your needs are unique, and each property in your real estate portfolio requires its own attention to detail—so you’re not faced with gaps in your insurance coverage. As you acquire or sell investment properties, you need to know that any policy changes you make will take effect immediately and that your real estate portfolio is fully protected.

Not Your AverageReal Estate Investor Insurance

Our real estate investor insurance (REI) program is as flexible as you. When you partner with us, you can:

Access Your Real Estate Portfolio 24/7

WebSure, our secure online insurance portal, allows you to securely manage all of your real estate portfolio needs wherever they’re located, under one master policy. No more switching between computer screens or carriers to make changes to your insurance policy. Access what you need, when you need it in one secure place!

Choose From a Variety of Coverage Options

We offer coverage through A-rated carriers by A.M. Best so no matter where you are at in your real estate investing process, we’ve got you covered. Choose coverage for occupied properties, vacant land, or a property in rehab, as well as customizable coverage and deductible options.

Make Policy Changes Quick and Easy

With a touch of a button, you can add, remove, make policy changes, and show proof of insurance coverage for all your properties.

Talk to Dedicated Service Team Members

Have questions about your coverage or need to discuss a change? Our team of experts can help you manage your policy efficiently and help process timely claims if needed.


You gain premier service from a company that has been serving this market for nearly 30 years. We stand by our REPUTATION in providing a CONSULTATIVE approach to address your needs and recognize any gaps in existing insurance coverage you may already have while keeping cost top of mind.

As we help you mitigate risk, our SERVICE team gives you options and shops around for you to find the best available coverage to meet your real estate portfolio needs, so you don’t have to. 

A Range of Limits and Deductibles

We offer a range of insurance liability coverage and deductibles to fit your budget and real estate portfolio needs without sacrificing the protection you need. Plus, if you need to update or change your limits or deductibles, it’s simple and easy to do!

Stay In Control and Set Your Own Liability Limits

Our REI program allows you to choose your liability limits. With our all-inclusive master policy, you can cover hazard, windstorm, flood, theft, vandalism, and earthquake*. We offer expanded loss protection up to $5 million per property.**

*Not available in California

**High coverage limits available on a per-property basis

Access to A-rated Carriers

We can help take some of the burden and worry off your shoulders when it comes to the reliability of your insurance coverage if you’re faced with a claim because we only work with A-rated insurance carriers. With our REI policy, you only receive top-notch insurance coverage from reputable carriers.

Our agents are ready to help take your real estate portfolio to the next level with a free consultation and demo of our software. Contact us today and learn how we can help you protect your real estate portfolio.

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