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Outsourced Collections

Collecting on delinquent accounts requires a substantial human capital investment, an investment in technology, and expertise in compliance. Outsourced Collections can help your financial institution more effectively manage delinquency and reduce the cost of your collections efforts. A scalable and customized collections program allows your institution to determine what is best for your overall strategy. Intelligent customer communication services enable efficient, effective communications with borrowers. Our innovative technology can help your institution maximize loan debt recoveries on both individual and commercial accounts. From completely outsourcing the service, partially outsourcing, or anywhere in between, you need a program you can trust to reduce costs while keeping delinquencies to a minimum.

Innovative and IntelligentOmnichannel Communications for Collections

SWBC has partnered with FICO to provide innovative and intelligent communication services to engage borrowers who are past due on their loan payments. SWBC’s omnichannel platform is a unique and proven technology leveraged by credit unions, banks, and other lending institutions.

Our solution enables efficient and effective two-way communication with borrowers using their preferred communication channels, including interactive voice response (IVR), text, and email. Financial institutions can create borrower contact strategies using one, two, or all three channels. Our advanced communication service allows borrowers to resolve payment issues and enter promises to pay—all on their preferred channel, with the option to speak to a live agent—the best of all worlds!

Increased Promises to Pay

Our omnichannel communication solution includes virtual technology that engages the borrower and enables them to auto-resolve payment issues, providing a positive experience that builds confidence, trust, and loyalty—all while increasing real-time payments and promises to pay.

Intelligent Automation

By intelligently automating routine conversations, collections agents can focus their time and effort on higher risk accounts and more complex investigations.

Analytic and Collection Operations Expertise

SWBC’s omnichannel solution comes with pre-configured decision flows, rules, and scripts that leverage FICO’s 60 plus years of analytics expertise and SWBC’s unparalleled experience, knowledge, and success managing outsourced collections operations.

Preferred Collect™

A comprehensive managed collections service using automated, blended, and live agent models.

Preferred Collect™ is SWBC’s managed service for outsourced collections, which enables financial institutions to leverage over 15 years of experience managing collections operations and delivering results. SWBC’s Preferred Collect™ is trusted by financial institutions totaling over $500 billion in assets. A collaboration between SWBC and FICO delivers a modern digital approach to engage borrowers who are past due on their consumer loans, credit cards, and negative checking accounts. Preferred Collect™ also offers traditional collections strategies, which include live agents.

Preferred Collect™ Automation

Includes the orchestration of financial institution-branded text messages and emails, plus an interactive voice response system. Borrowers can conveniently resolve their past-due payments with self-service options that include making a payment, scheduling a promise to pay, or confirming a payment has already been made. All without needing to speak with a representative. 

    Preferred Collect™ Blended

    Leverages the same technology and communication strategies as Preferred Collect™ Automation with an added feature that allows the borrower to directly connect to one of SWBC's highly skilled collections representatives.

    Preferred Collect™ Live

    Is a traditional collections strategy and leverages an automated outbound calling solution. If a borrower answers the phone or calls back from a message left, the borrower is connected to a comprehensively trained SWBC collections representative to assist the borrower.

    Benefits of leveraging Preferred Collect™

    Experienced Collections Leadership Team

    Collections Strategy Design & Consultation

    State of the Art Technology

    Robust Reporting & Analytic Capabilities

    Performance Management

    Compliance Support

    Compliance Trained Collections Representatives

    Quality Assurance Program


    People Locate Lite

    People Locate Lite is an alternate phone number search using an SWBC approved, 3rd party vendor who supplies up to 3 relevant phone numbers for borrowers who have skipped payments or are not easily contacted. The service is generally used when client provided accounts are missing phone numbers and/or phone numbers are disconnected, or after repeated attempts SWBC is unable to leave a message or make borrower contact. For clients participating in our Collections program, there is no additional cost for this service.

    Why is this important?

    After exhausting traditional collection efforts, PLL enhances SWBC’s ability to increase the number of collectable accounts for you.
    Service is free of any additional cost to the client.

    What’s required?

    A signed contract addendum in order to perform this value-added work.

    Let us show you how to improve your collections efforts while improving your borrowers' experience.

    Maximize Your Consumer and Business Loan Debt RecoveriesWith SWBC’s Charged-Off Debt Recovery Solution

    Help maximize debt recoveries for your financial institution’s charged-off loans with SWBC’s debt recovery solution. Our experienced collections staff uses innovative technology and advanced analytics to predict the probability of reclaiming debt and prioritizes collections efforts accordingly. This allows your institution to reach more charged-off borrowers, reduce operational and staffing inefficiencies, and maximize your consumer and business loan debt recoveries.

    *SWBC’s Charge-Off Service Highlights:

    Predictive analytics to maximize debt recoveries

    National coverage

    Comprehensive reporting

    Web portal t upload accounts and monitor account status

    Legal support

    Advanced skip tracing

    Leverage analytics

    Primary, secondary, and tertiary placements

    *SWBC’s Charged-Off Debt Recovery Solution is referred to a third party provider. Your agreement will be directly with the third-party.


    Contact us today to learn how our flexible, compliant, cost-effective service could help your institution lower delinquencies and cut your collections costs.


    Due to our dedication to technology and our clients, we can work with any client to build custom automation using FTP technology that sends files back and forth on a regular basis. Some of our current integrations include:

    A Collections Program toMeet Your Institution's Needs

    Outsourced Collections page- graph.png

    Client Testimonials

    “There were a few motivators for choosing AutoPilot, including calls are made after-hours and weekends, it uses better technology to streamline the collection process, and we gain access to an experienced dedicated collection staff. In addition, AutoPilot was a lower cost alternative to hiring or replacing internal employees."
    Steve Plotkin
    VP of Collections, FAIRWINDS CU
    “We are able to analyze the trend of delinquencies of each of our products by creating a specific work list, queues, and reports that we can generate from the AutoPilot software. If one product needs more attention, we are able to change the parameters and focus on those specific products within seconds.”
    Marvel Ford
    FVP and Risk Management Officer, California Credit Union

    HFCU has been an SWBC partner for 5 years. We needed collection resources and strategy support. SWBC stepped in to support early stage delinquency performing month over month at a high level. SWBC is truly a variable expense and not fixed! Good fit for HFCU!

    John Phipps
    Chief Lending Officer, Heritage Federal Credit Union


    Flexible Collection Options

    We serve your institution through early- and mid-stage collections, and even charge-offs.

    Compliance Focused

    Our staff undergoes rigorous training to ensure we treat your borrowers with respect. We have made substantial investments in compliance including dedicated compliance and quality assurance teams to ensure we stay proactive with ever changing regulations.

    Customizable Options

    Enjoy complete control over your collection program by adjusting the letter campaigns and call lists our team works on at any time through our user-friendly AutoPilot® collections platform.

    Extend Your Collection Hours

    Our certified collectors contact your borrowers during peak evening and weekend hours, extending your institution’s operation time without the additional overhead costs.

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    Collection Services Provided By: AP Account Services, LLC
     NV NMLS #: 1112680
    NV Collection Agency License #: CAD111068
    NV Compliance Manager Certificate Identification #: CM12730

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