COVID-19 Response | SWBC

SWBC's Response to COVID-19

SWBC Friends –

We hope this note finds you, your family, your friends, and your employees safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

The past few months have been anything but normal; however, as of today, Tuesday, May 19, we are excited to announce that our senior leadership, plus a small group of employees, have returned to the workplace.

SWBC has successfully maintained 100% of its operations during this pandemic. More than 95% of our employees have been working from home for several weeks now, and we hope that all of our clients have been well taken care of during this time.

SWBC will be taking numerous precautions to ensure the continued health and safety of our employees as we re-enter our buildings. Our Incident Command Team Task Force will remain vigilant, as we know this pandemic is continuously evolving. Our desire is to meet the needs of the business without unnecessarily putting our employees at risk or doing anything to cause our communities to reverse the progress we have made.

We also look forward to traveling again to see our clients in person. As we see communities begin to rebound from the difficult recent events, we look forward to our continued partnership, providing you with trustworthy expertise that you can depend on.


Charlie Amato & Gary Dudley 
SWBC Chairman & SWBC President

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