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Commercial Insurance

When it comes to protecting your business’ property, it's critical that you work with a partner that understands the intricacies of the insurance industry, as well as your specific business. When you work with SWBC, you not only gain access to numerous commercial insurance coverage options to fit your business and industry needs, but more importantly, you gain a dedicated advocate that will tailor coverage to fit your needs, budget, and risk tolerance.

Professional Liability Insurance

Nobody’s perfect. Even the most seasoned expert in their field could make a mistake, leaving a client in distress. If that client decides to take legal action, professional liability insurance can step in and protect your business assets. Anyone who provides professional advice or services to consumers can benefit from shielding their business from a potential lawsuit from an unhappy client.

Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance

Protecting your business against unexpected situations can be difficult. One of the easiest ways to prepare for the curve balls that may come your way is with an umbrella liability insurance policy. If you find yourself responsible for paying more on a claim than your business’ standard policies will cover, or if those policies don’t cover certain claims, an umbrella policy can protect your assets.

Commercial Auto Insurance

We understand your commercial fleet of vehicles is important to the success of your business and its daily operations. We can provide insurance coverage from a variety of reputable and A-rated carriers, at a price that will fit your needs and budget. Let us review your business objectives and goals and customize a property insurance policy from coverage options that include comprehensive, collision, medical payment, and uninsured motorist.

Commercial Flood/Excess Flood Insurance

Mother Nature is unpredictable, so preparing for a disaster before it happens is your best option. Most standard Business Owner’s Insurance policies do not cover flood claims, but you can protect your business with a Commercial Flood and Excess Flood Insurance policy. Whether or not your business is in a flood zone, consider a flood policy for maximum protection.

General Liability Insurance

If you’re a business owner, big or small, you need protection from a multitude of claims you could face—such as personal injury or property damage. Don’t let your livelihood stand vulnerable to unanticipated accidents. With a General Liability Insurance policy, your business can manage accidents with ease and move forward with unwavering confidence.

Real Estate Insurance

We understand the needs of real estate investors because we’ve been in the business since 1989. Our consultative approach makes the difference between just obtaining insurance coverage and obtaining a partner that offers the most reliable insurance coverage for your investment properties. We offer a range of deductibles, an easy platform to manage your entire portfolio, and access to insurance experts ready to work for you.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Businesses are more susceptible than ever to cyber attacks and breaches as cyber criminals become more and more savvy. It’s not a question of ‘if’ you will experience a cyber attack, but ‘when’ and how fast your business will contain the data breach. In a time when most business transactions are conducted over the internet and customer and employee information is stored electronically, it’s critical that you have coverage in place to help you manage the fallout of a breach.

Workers' Compensation Insurance Options

SWBC can provide you with loss control services and workers' compensation insurance to reduce your risk and protect your employees–no matter the size of your business.

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