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Business Owner Planning

At SWBC, we understand that you’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into growing your business into what it is today. One of the most significant financial events in a business owner’s life is ultimately their exit from the business. Unless you work with an exit planning professional, it is doubtful that you will exit on your terms. In fact, the primary cause of failure, is a lack of business owner planning.

Trust SWBC for Comprehensive Business Owner Planning Services

Our proven process can streamline your exit planning strategy, giving you peace of mind for your business’ future.

Identify Your Exit Objectives

Your unique objectives drive the creation of your exit plan. The exit plan works to achieve those goals.

Build and Preserve Business Value

We make specific recommendations to help grow, protect, and preserve your company’s value by minimizing operational risks and taxes.

Personal Wealth and Estate Planning

We will coordinate your estate plan with your business exit planning objectives to ensure your family receives the assets and income to satisfy your financial security goals.

Value Your Business and Personal Financial Resources

How much is your business worth today? How much cash flow does it currently generate? How much income do your non-business assets produce? Your business advisor will work with you to answer these questions and more.

Business Continuity

We will coordinate your business continuity plan with your lifetime objectives to ensure your goals are met whether you survive to see your business exit or not.

According to the BEI 2016 Business Owner Survey Report, 79% of successful business owners hope to exit their companies in the next 10 years.


Our experienced wealth advisors can provide you with customized investment strategies to accommodate your financial needs throughout your life. This includes:

Whether you’re in charge of money for your household or a business, our experts can help. Our wealth advisors will direct you in the best way to build and retain wealth:

  • Establishing financial goals
  • Selecting and purchasing appropriate investments
  • Monitoring and correcting your portfolio
  • Minimizing taxes

Business ownership and charitable legacy planning topics can be complicated. Your SWBC wealth advisor has the expertise to create and execute plans that allow you to concentrate on your business and life, knowing your wishes will be fulfilled.

  • Succession plans and contracts dividing or transferring business ownership and assets
  • Options to fund business ownership transfer or purchase
  • Wealth distribution to charities of your choice
  • Business and personal tax reduction strategies

To ensure you are the one who decides what happens to your children, business ownership, assets, and possessions, you need an estate plan that directs how to divide your property if you die or become unable to state your wishes. Your SWBC wealth advisor will collect the necessary information to construct a complete estate plan that addresses family members’ care, your personal assets, and any business assets you must divide, while minimizing taxes and fees to your estate and further emotional stress to your heirs. 

The stability of fixed-income securities is a smart and welcome addition to any portfolio. When you work with your Wealth Advisor and our Capital Markets team, you gain access to fixed-income investments you often can’t find through other brokers. Our advisors work with you to identify and purchase securities that deliver the right balance of risk and liquidity. Once your portfolio is established, your advisor will review progress with you regularly and manage your investments.

All individuals and businesses have their own financial needs and investment risk tolerance. Your SWBC wealth advisor takes the time to understand those needs and tolerances, research available and appropriate investment classes, and craft a customized plan using investments aimed at maximizing returns while staying within your risk comfort level.

After working hard for years, we all look forward to a comfortable retirement. SWBC wealth advisors are experts in personal and business retirement planning.

Personal Retirement Planning

  • Customized plans that will help you reach your retirement goal
  • Investment vehicles from all major providers
  • 401(k) and 403(b) fund recommendations and rollovers
  • Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and Roth IRAs
  • Tax-saving strategies

Business Retirement Planning

  • Competitive plan options that help you attract and retain quality employees
  • Guidance and assistance in establishing and funding corporate retirement plans
  • Fiduciary assistance and risk mitigation for plan sponsors

Proper investments are the key to building your portfolio and wealth. Your SWBC advisor will recommend investments to help you meet your financial goals, purchase from all major providers on your behalf, oversee your portfolio, and make adjustments as necessary. It’s your choice whether you retain full control over your portfolio, give complete control to your wealth advisor, or find a comfortable spot in between.

Recruiting, attracting, and retaining top talent is essential for your company’s growth and success. Stand out from the competition by offering candidates an attractive benefits package. From split-dollar life insurance to deferred compensation plans, our Executive Benefits team will work with you to create comprehensive and customized plans to:

  • Attract, retain, and reward valuable executives
  • Restore benefits limited by qualified plan limitations
  • Solidify a high-performing management team to drive business growth

Resources to Build Your Business Your Wayand Sell it on Your Terms

Understanding the value of your business, your personal readiness, and your long-term goals will put you in the driver's seat of your exit plan. Whether the thought of selling your business seems eight years down the road or two, we are here to assist you at every stage. These valuable business assessment tools are backed by advanced algorithms and will provide insight to make sure your personal and professional goals are on track. Read more about each of the free business tools available to you below.

Do You Know Your EBITDA Score?

Want to increase the value of your business by up to 71%? This assessment will tell you where your business stands today and will identify areas of your business that need improvement—helping you to receive maximum value when you sell.

Start Value Builder

Are You Mentally Ready to Sell?

After the sale of their business, many owners find themselves disappointed. The PREScore evaluation is designed to assess your personal readiness to exit your business and ensure you leave with no regrets.

Start PREScore

How Much Is Your Business Actually Worth?

Planning for the future of your business, or your life in general, is difficult when you don’t know how much your most valuable asset is worth. Our confidential business valuation tool will provide you with a secure, comprehensive, and accurate business valuation, to take some of the guesswork out of your future.

Start BizEquity

At SWBC, a senior business advisor can help you create an exit plan focused on maximizing your business value on the terms you select. We coordinate your advisors and implement your plan on your timetable. Contact an advisor today to get started!

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