The Municipal Fixed-Income Fund | SWBC

The Municipal Fixed-Income Fund

Focusing on niche investment strategies often overlooked by larger mutual fund companies, a Municipal fixed-income strategy is designed to bridge the gap between capital preservation and the growth needs of investors. The AlphaCentric SWBC Municipal Opportunities Fund is an open-end, tax-exempt mutual fund with a true fixed-income hedge overlay.

The Municipal bond portion of the fund consists of a non-constrained, opportunistic strategy designed to capitalize on the many inefficiencies that frequently arise in the Municipal bond market and related structured products, such as Municipal closed-end funds. The overall strategy is designed to seek alpha in both rising and falling interest rates.

In an environment where investors are concerned about volatile interest rates, the AlphaCentric SWBC Municipal Opportunities Fund is an innovative product which can add a layer of protection to the portfolio not previously possible for non-qualified investors, and offers qualified investors a low-cost alternative to portfolio protection.

Help Your Clients Navigate Ever-Changing Global Financial Marketsand Generate Tax-Free Income

Seeks a federally tax-exempt income stream using the full spectrum of available federally tax-free securities and products.
Uses a proven quantitative strategy to create an interest rate and credit overlay.
Offers diversification away from mega muni funds.
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